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ANSI 5010 & Patient Zip Codes

I had the pleasure of sitting in on our client webinar covering our 2011 Fall release.    We had a large volume of questions regarding ANSI 5010 transactions.  One of the most common questions that kept coming up is not a new question, but one that I have continually heard over the past year in various industry webinars.    

That Question is:  "Do I have to update all my patient addresses to 9 digit zip codes?" 

The Answer is:  NO

5010 requires 9 digit zip codes for the billing and service facility addresses.  In ADP AdvancedMD that means updating your Facilities, Practice, Group, Provider and Submitter Type master files.  Programming behind the scenes pulls that information in where needed to accommodate the requirements of 5010. 

While 5010 is complex, it is complex at the technology level.  I believe we as users want to find something we can control.  As many regulatory changes in the past have required a lot of time and effort, our minds immediately go to what we view as the worst case scenario.  In the case of the 9 digit zip code, the worst case our mind can come up with is having to manually update all of our patient demographic records.  So this blog is good news!  It doesn't matter if you have currently entered 5 or 9 digit zip codes for your patients, either is okay.