Customer Spotlights

Integrated, modern solution Increases profitability and improves patient care in growing one-provider practice

This busy, one-provider pain management facility sought an all-in-one solution to practice management and EHR. Bogged down by outdated protocols and systems, they sought a modern, efficient answer to managing billing, scheduling, health records, and staffing concerns. The Pain Care Center chose AdvancedMD for its leading EHR, easy-to-learn interface, comprehensive features, and superior customizability.

Billing service leverages robust financial reporting to create healthier private practices nationwide

After their software provider was sold off to a large corporation, this medical billing service and consulting firm was in need of an integrated solution that would meet their own needs as well as their clients. They selected AdvancedMD for it’s superior practice management features, such as scheduling, on the client side as well as for sophisticated billing and world-class financial reporting capabilities. They found no other provider who could meet the revenue management capabilities of the AdvancedInsight from AdvancedMD. 

Integrated EHR dramatically streamlines workflow & paper management throughout the clinic

This “dual speed” clinic struggled to serve both walk-in and in-depth internal medicine patients on a paper and manual-process-centric practice management system. The AdvancedMD cloud system with integrated practice management and EHR directly addressed key workflow bottlenecks in scheduling, coding, billing and referral management. Additionally, Dr. Raval achieved a core goal of maintaining a high level of patient eye contact during exams, while still fully utilizing automated EHR functionality.

Internal Medicine practices have achieved significant improvements in workflow efficiency & accuracy with AdvancedMD EHR

This highly successful outsource billing and practice management company has had a birds-eye view of the evolution of practice and clinical automation through the eyes of its many medical practice clients. A thorough study of available software technology convinced the company that clients would be best served through the AdvancedMD cloud solution. Internal Medicine clients especially have achieved significant improvements in workflow efficiency, accuracy and financial profitability through adoption of the complete AdvancedMD suite including integrated EHR.

Physician streamlines claims processing & billing in private practice

This busy family practice has deep roots in the community it has served for more than three decades. Over the years, growing claims and billing complexity, increasingly complicated scheduling, and Dr. Forgey’s outside projects demanded an automated solution. The practice first implemented an outsourced service – a move that proved to be unacceptably expensive, inefficient, and frustrating to both staff and patients. A search for a cloud-based, highly sophisticated billing and scheduling solution (that would easily integrate with EHR in the near future) resulted in the selection of AdvancedMD. Claims, billing and scheduling now run at peak efficiency, patient satisfaction is up, and the practice is well positioned for easy migration to the AdvancedMD EHR solution. Dr. Forgey states, “The AdvancedMD system is an extremely big reason I’ve been able to pull off what I have over the past number of years.”

Family practice eliminates manual insurance verification and sees 15% improvement in bottom line

This active family practice found its paper-based practice management and outsourced billing solutions increasingly inadequate to meet the needs of a high turnover, high volume practice. Particular challenges included scheduling inefficiencies, eligibility verification bottlenecks, billing costs and inaccuracy, and a large volume of labs and consulting reports that required immediate attention and action. AdvancedMD was selected to address these issues, and implementation was accomplished by a former billing provider who researched the system online and set it up prior to bringing it into the office. The practice not only saw scheduling inefficiencies disappear, but workflow improvement and patient throughput increased measurably. Eligibility roadblocks were eliminated, and richer data significantly increased patient portion payment collection. FTEs required for billing decreased from three to a one, monthly costs decreased, and bottom line profitability improved by 10-15%. Providers now access all labs and reports electronically any time, anywhere, and state that “With this system, it’s actually difficult to miss an abnormal lab or not act on an abnormal value.”

Center for Balanced Health

This busy two-office, ten-provider, multi-specialty practice faced the dilemma of growing profitably while still delivering the highest possible patient satisfaction. Dr. Keith Berkowitz, founder and medical director of the Center for Balanced Health, felt a totally paper-based system seriously hampered his vision, resulting in greatly extended outstanding reimbursement collection and long hours at the office finishing workflows. The AdvancedMD cloud system automated all key workflows, freeing staff to focus on patients and growth. The clinic now operates with one fewer FTE staff, collects reimbursements in a timely manner, and provides outstanding service to a highly demanding patient population. A seamlessly integrated EHR provided a simple migration path to total automation, with additional efficiency and lifestyle improvements.

OB/GYN medical group benefits from anytime & anywhere access to cloud EHR

This busy two-provider practice was an early adopter of technology, moving from a paper-based system to the AdvancedMD practice management system in 2005. Rapidly diminishing paper chart space combined with the need to have better mobile access to patient charting information and prescribing capability pushed the group to adopt the EHR solution in 2010. Significantly improved workflows, coding/billing and anytime/anywhere access have made the AdvancedMD cloud solution an indispensible part of Sunrise Women’s Medical Group’s high quality of care delivery system.