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New Features & Updates

Is fax a four-letter word in your office?

Most practices have formal processes in place to improve staff productivity and revenue capture. Yet one of the most overlooked, and quite possibly your lowest hanging fruit, is fixing your fax problem. Yes, you can say this out loud: “I have a fax problem!”.

Introducing the Resolution Center for Practice Fusion customers

One common complaint of EHR + billing software integrations with products from different companies is the challenge in aligning patient demographics between systems so charges can flow smoothly and accurately. This data integrity challenge may cause staff frustration and dissatisfaction. Symptoms include:

  • You are forced to research & resolve data discrepancies in two systems
  • You have error-prone, dual data entry workflow
  • You create duplicate records that are difficult to identify & time-consuming to merge

Our new Resolution Center overcomes common challenges to your billing workflow with an extremely simple and intuitive solution. Now you are able to easily match and resolve patient discrepancies between Practice Fusion and AdvancedMD with this convenient hub within AdvancedMD billing software. No longer is staff dependent upon accessing two systems to perform billing duties.

Introducing clinical additions to AdvancedMD on the iPad

Our latest release gives you total access to your EHR templates and note capture capabilities. You can use an iPad or iPad mini to fully engage in clinical documentation from anywhere. Notes can be captured from your EHR templates with full functionality of acronym expansion and bookmarks. You can open existing unsigned notes for review and make edits, then subsequently save and sign notes.

Introducing AdvancedInsight and ADP AdvancedMD for iPhone

This week at MGMA in San Diego, ADP AdvancedMD is introducing new products to bring increased mobility and stronger revenue performance to our customers. I’m in San Diego this week at the MGMA Conference and I’m proud that ADP AdvancedMD has two timely and important products to introduce, which focus on key benefits for medical practices:

  • Increased freedom and flexibility
  • Stronger revenue management

Partnership with Practice Fusion EMR and the AdvancedMD Platform Announced

ADP AdvancedMD welcomes the Practice Fusion customer base to our cloud-based, secure medical billing and practice management (PM) solution. This new partnership expands the AdvancedMD platform to Practice Fusion’s electronic medical record (EMR) community of more than 150,000 users serving 60 million patients. With this announcement, AdvancedMD will soon support integrated data exchange between the AdvancedMD PM and billing platform and the Practice Fusion EMR.