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Is fax a four-letter word in your office?

Most practices have formal processes in place to improve staff productivity and revenue capture. Yet one of the most overlooked, and quite possibly your lowest hanging fruit, is fixing your fax problem. Yes, you can say this out loud: “I have a fax problem!”.

Introducing the Resolution Center for Practice Fusion customers

One common complaint of EHR + billing software integrations with products from different companies is the challenge in aligning patient demographics between systems so charges can flow smoothly and accurately. This data integrity challenge may cause staff frustration and dissatisfaction. Symptoms include:

  • You are forced to research & resolve data discrepancies in two systems
  • You have error-prone, dual data entry workflow
  • You create duplicate records that are difficult to identify & time-consuming to merge

Our new Resolution Center overcomes common challenges to your billing workflow with an extremely simple and intuitive solution. Now you are able to easily match and resolve patient discrepancies between Practice Fusion and AdvancedMD with this convenient hub within AdvancedMD billing software. No longer is staff dependent upon accessing two systems to perform billing duties.