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Introducing clinical additions to AdvancedMD on the iPad

Our latest release gives you total access to your EHR templates and note capture capabilities. You can use an iPad or iPad mini to fully engage in clinical documentation from anywhere. Notes can be captured from your EHR templates with full functionality of acronym expansion and bookmarks. You can open existing unsigned notes for review and make edits, then subsequently save and sign notes.

Top Must-Read Resources for Private Practices (Part 2)

Today's physician practice managers must be skilled in many areas of practice operations: technology, finances, human resources, as well as clinical. Last week we shared five must read resources for practice managers and physicians looking to optimize their practices. This week, we explore additional resources that provide insight and thought leadership on how practice managers can improve or build on current processes.

Top Must-Read Resources for Private Practices (Part 1)

In 2014, physicians in private practice are expected to master Meaningful Use, weather the implementation of ACA within the industry and its impact on patient population and reimbursements, prepare for the switch to ICD-10, and juggle everyday issues and challenges to ensure today’s claims will get paid in a reasonable amount of time. To help the private practice keep pace with all that is expected of them, the ADP AdvancedMD team has been busy preparing and gathering resources to help you navigate the upcoming changes and stay on top of revenue flow. Here are the top resources the team has nominated as must-reads for practice managers and physicians seeking to optimize their practices...

Introducing AdvancedInsight and ADP AdvancedMD for iPhone

This week at MGMA in San Diego, ADP AdvancedMD is introducing new products to bring increased mobility and stronger revenue performance to our customers. I’m in San Diego this week at the MGMA Conference and I’m proud that ADP AdvancedMD has two timely and important products to introduce, which focus on key benefits for medical practices:

  • Increased freedom and flexibility
  • Stronger revenue management

Integrated EHR dramatically streamlines workflow & paper management throughout the clinic

AdvancedMD integrated EHR dramatically streamlines workflow and paper management

This “dual speed” clinic struggled to serve both walk-in and in-depth internal medicine patients on a paper and manual-process-centric practice management system. The AdvancedMD cloud system with integrated practice management and EHR directly addressed key workflow bottlenecks in scheduling, coding, billing and referral management. Additionally, Dr. Raval achieved a core goal of maintaining a high level of patient eye contact during exams, while still fully utilizing automated EHR functionality.

Internal Medicine practices have achieved significant improvements in workflow efficiency & accuracy with AdvancedMD EHR

Internal Medicine practices have achieved significant improvements in workflow efficiency & accuracy

This highly successful outsource billing and practice management company has had a birds-eye view of the evolution of practice and clinical automation through the eyes of its many medical practice clients. A thorough study of available software technology convinced the company that clients would be best served through the AdvancedMD cloud solution. Internal Medicine clients especially have achieved significant improvements in workflow efficiency, accuracy and financial profitability t through adoption of the complete AdvancedMD suite including integrated EHR.