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Common Myths that are Keeping You from Maximizing Technology in Your Practice


Common Myths of Healthcare Technology | AdvancedMD

Healthcare is a field where technology is critical to providing great patient care, and offers a lot of promise in streamlining workflows, improving clinic operations, and helping patients connect with providers and other resources. However, the healthcare community as a whole has been somewhat slow to adopt technology, which could be hurting practices and patients (and profits, according to research from IQVIA Institute for Human Data Science). There are some persistent myths that could be holding your practice back.

Myth: My patients don’t want more technology.

Truth: Patients are increasingly demanding technology from healthcare. As more of our lives goes digital, and we see the benefits in many different areas, most patients want the same convenience, access, and data when it comes to healthcare. The key is to implement the technologies that patients actually want, and that will address unmet needs in healthcare.

Myth: Most of my patients are older and don’t know how to use technology.

Truth: This is a common myth—that “older people” who generally get more healthcare don’t know how to use technology. While millennials are definitely tuned into technology, research shows that patients age 55 to 75 are willing to transition to digital technologies, especially for things like messaging with providers or getting medication and appointment reminders.

Myth: If we adopt technology, we have to do it all at once.

Truth: Many companies, like AdvancedMD, have options to start slowly with some digital offerings, and then add on over time. You may begin with text and email appointment reminders, followed by online scheduling integrated with your EHR. Next you can add a patient portal for patients to request medication refills and get lab results online or through an app. Choose a system that allows you to go at the right speed for your clinic, adding technology that makes sense a little at a time.

Patients aren’t looking for the most groundbreaking technology—instead, most want something that makes their lives easier, makes care more accessible, and allows them to connect with providers easier.

Myth: Technology is too expensive for my small practice.

Truth: Tech solutions are available for providers with practices of all sizes, from solo practitioners and multi-physician practices to mental health providers, chiropractors, and others. The key is to find a vendor that caters to the market for small independent clinics. If you’re working with a vendor who primarily focuses on huge systems, you may find that the technology they offer is way out of budget.

AdvancedMD is leading the way in helping small and independent healthcare practices find the right technology solutions to grow and provide exceptional care. Call us today to learn more about which products and services can benefit your clinic.

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