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AdvancedMD Pay Release Overview & FAQs

Introducing the release of our new credit and debit card processing feature, native in AdvancedMD for all customers. Accept all payment methods with less effort. Enjoy a faster, hassle-free, and unified workflow experience within AdvancedMD.

Native in AdvancedMD

We have invested significant development time to bring you an improved credit card processing experience within within your familiar AdvancedMD workflow for a more seamless experience for you and your patients. We are managing this feature as a native component of AdvancedMD, which means we are your go-to team for setup, support, and pricing.

Available to all AdvancedMD users on a limited availability starting August.

Credit card scanner & pricing

We include a PAX S300 scanner that is proven to work seamlessly across your network. The modern style and large color touchscreen make it simple for your patients and staff to use. All software is preinstalled to work natively with AdvancedMD practice management.

Pricing: First device is free.

Additional unit – purchase pricing: $500 per device.
Includes cables to connect to most any setup, injection plus application download, free 2-day shipping, and 1-year warranty with overnight replacement. Beta testing customer discounts available. (Steep discounts!!) Multi-unit discounts available.

Additional unit – lease pricing: $25/month.
Includes cables to connect to most any setup, injection plus application download, free 2-day shipping, and 1-year warranty with overnight replacement.

Q&A for migrating from Global Payments Integrated (previously OpenEdge).

I am a current Global Payments Integrated customer and would like to migrate to AdvancedMD Credit Card Processing. What is the process?

Anyone currently using Global Payments Integrated will need to convert to a new credit card terminal device. The new technology used by AdvancedMD will no longer have “undisbursed” payments that need to be resolved. We are moving to the latest standards of credit card processing with the PAX S300 device.


Do I need to purchase a new device?

All customers adding AdvancedMD Credit Card Processing will receive their first device for free. All software comes preinstalled, and connection cables are included. The device is plug-and-play ready to work natively with AdvancedMD.


Can I keep my old Global Payments Integrated pricing?

Pricing will be different, and we expect it to be less expensive and more predictable for most of our customers. There are no monthly fees. All per-transaction fees are taken from each transaction as it is funded. We have simplified pricing for all credit card types to a single, low flat rate instead of a different item for each type of card. You will have access to reports in the new Credit Card Center that show you all your charges, fees, etc.

  • In-person payments: 30¢ per transaction + 2.6% of the payment amount.
  • Card-not-present payments: 30¢ per transaction + 3.0% of the payment amount.


I use the Global Payments Integrated credit-card-on-file feature. How will that change?

A popular feature of Global Payments Integrated is credit-card-on-file. The new AdvancedMD credit card processing product includes this feature as well. We are working on a process to move all your “stored” patient credit cards and auto debit schedules to AdvancedMD, so you don’t need to gather this information again from your patients. We are expecting this process to be a batch process, meaning there will be a “line in the sand” timeline for moving these over. We’ll keep in close contact with you about this migration.


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