10 EHR Features You've Gotta Have On Your Shopping List
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The definitive EHR shopping list: 10 features you’ve gotta have



It’s bound to happen. You haven’t untangled yourself from the last plastic grocery bag before you realize that you forgot the one thing you went to the store to get. You should’ve made a list.

The same is true when you’re shopping for the big stuff, especially when the profitability of your practice depends on it. Taking a strategic approach to electronic health records shopping, whether it’s for your first system or you’re replacing your old one, is the most critical step to getting the system that will help you remain independent and profitable in today’s tough economic climate.

To help you in your hunt for an EHR that’s right for your practice, we have compiled a list of the must-have, can’t-miss features.

A cloud-based system.
Moving to the cloud not only saves you the hassle of managing on-site servers and hardware, it often costs less while providing unmatchable data access capabilities and security.

Customizable patient charts.
Check for customizable patient charts with easy-to-use patient portals. The ability to tailor-fit screens to your practice improves workflow and increases EHR usage among staff.

Patient relationship management.
The latest patient engagement technologies allow you to easily and securely communicate with patients and manage population health. Patients love technology. More and more patients are selecting ‘high-tech docs’ with online engagement tools.

ICD-10 readiness.
With the ICD-10 conversion only months away, no practice can afford to invest in an EHR that is not 100% ready for the switch. Be sure that the platform has features that help you maintain workflow as you transition, like a preparedness tracker, ICD-9 and ICD-10 comparisons, risk assessment tools, and a comprehensive code search.

True interoperability.
The ability to share patient information is a driving force behind EHR implementation, so be sure to select an EHR system that allows you to easily communicate with other key stakeholders quickly and efficiently. Interoperability also ensures that your internal systems talk to each other, eliminating wasted time manually reentering or copying/pasting patient information.

Automated scheduling.
Find an EHR with a scheduler that offers automated reminders, easy-to-access patient data, customizable appointment types and color-coding options.

Financial reporting.
Be sure to get accurate and intuitive financial reporting features to help you understand which areas of your practice are driving your financial performance. Today’s robust private practice software platforms are starting to offer reporting capabilities that were once only available to big hospitals and corporations. These tools give you the insight and power to make timely decisions that are best for your practice.

Mobile capabilities.
Your EHR shouldn’t leave you tethered to a desk. Choose an EHR that has flexible mobile solutions that give you anytime, anywhere access to all the patient information you need, including schedules, charts, ePrescribing, messaging and more. Remember to check for compatibility across all devices including laptops, Smartphones, and tablets (such as the iPad).

Billing solutions.
Look for an in-house billing system that is integrated to the EHR, so your claims management and patient billing process always runs smoothly. A good all-in-one system allows you to easily check insurance coverage before an appointment, as well as automate processing with a 95% or higher first-pass claim acceptance. See how much revenue you can capture with a new EHR.

Easy upgrades and scalability.
Getting free automatic updates is the only way to ensure you have the latest functionality while eliminating the cost and hassle associated with manual upgrades. Also, be sure your EHR solution has the ability to scale with your practice and attract top clinical talent, as you need to grow.

Trustworthy vendor.
With so many vendors closing their doors, you’ll want to vet the long-term viability of your EHR. Trust only those who have proven results, financial stability and nimbleness to keep up with regulatory and legal requirements.

Shopping for a new EHR?

At AdvancedMD, we provide you with a full-featured EHR and practice management bundle that allows you to manage nearly every aspect of your practice. Our exclusive Marketplace lets you shop from dozens of apps and services that are pre-integrated to our software for productivity. Talk about one-stop shopping! Schedule a free demo to see why independent physician practices love AdvancedMD.

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