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Free MACRA & MIPS Resources


AdvancedMD has created a special-forces-type team that we have cordially named the MACRA Posse. Comprised of more than a dozen of the best and brightest, our posse provides content and resources to better help and prepare our clients and prospective clients to more easily and successfully navigate the MARCA jungle. And boy, have we been busy! We have produced nearly three-dozen eGuides, webinars, flyers and educational blog articles. You can access them all for free in our learning center.

Here are the top seven most downloaded MACRA and MIPS resources.

#7 Preparing your Practice for MACRA. Take a look at what’s inside:

  • Overview of the MIPS track
  • Overview of the Advanced APM track
  • Key preparation areas you can do today
  • Links to external resources

>> Get your free definitive guide on preparing your practice for MACRA.

#6 Quality Beginner’s Guide (formerly PQRS & CQMs). What’s inside:

  • We show you how to report on the 6 Measures with AdvancedMD.
  • We share how to set up and begin collecting necessary data.
  • We detail the differences between two data submission methods: Claim-based reporting and EHR-based reporting.
  • We provide a simple (sort of) calculator to determine your Quality Score.

>> Get our definitive guide: Quality Beginner’s Guide, formerly PQRS and CQMs for free.

#5 MACRA Essentials. Survive and thrive through the MACRA transition with one of our most intriguing resources ever! We explain why 2017 was the transitional year for MACRA compliance and what to expect for 2018. You’ll find an arsenal of resources:

  • 11 MIPS resource companies with contact information
  • Contact information & support center assistance specifically for small practices
  • Strategy considerations for your health IT investments
  • Online education & tools from 3rd-parties aimed at helping practices with questions concerning core quality measures

>> Get our definitive 7-page MACRA essentials guide for free.

#4 MIPS Category Scoring Overview. What’s inside:

  • Improvement Activities
  • Advancing Care Information
  • Quality

>> Download our 1-page MIPS Category Scoring Overview for free.

#3 MACRAnyms. Get familiar 75 of the most-used acronyms and terms in the new Final Rule of MACRA. We’ve compiled a convenient single-sided desk guide that you can print and post near your computer.
>> Download our free 1-page PDF entitled Acronyms used in the MACRA Final Rule.

#2 Merit-based Incentive Payment System Overview. Highlights of the MIPS program you’ll find inside:

  • When & how to choose a start date
  • Tips to managing the reporting process
  • How to pick your pace
  • How to reduce requirements
  • Eligibility measures

>> Download our free overview of the Merit-based Incentive Payment System.

#1 MACRA Survival Guide. This quintessential guide shares key steps you can take now to prepare for MACRA, plus much more.

  • 3 Essential steps to build your MACRA strategy
  • Tips to map your MACRA strategy
  • Building & capturing MACRA data
  • Examples that show why high achievers receive higher upward payment adjustments

>> Learn how to navigate the MACRA jungle with this free 9-page definitive guide.


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