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IdeaShare – our first New Year’s resolution

Patient Experience

The New Year is touted as a time for self-improvement, a time for resolutions to eat better, be more organized, or get out of debt. The product experts at AdvancedMD are well on their way to starting the first of many resolutions at AdvancedMD; however, we need your help with the first.

On January 28, 2015, we are initiating our resolution to listen to our customers more – by implementing an online community of AdvancedMD users, we call IdeaShare.

IdeaShare allows more than 50,000 AdvancedMD users to offer product feedback, share ideas and collaborate among peers. Once you share your ideas, other users can vote and comment on those ideas. Through this collaboration, we’ll be able to see which ideas have the most interest and then add those ideas to our development roadmap.

Using IdeaShare
The homepage of IdeaShare has a few areas:

  1. Navigation allows you to view content specifically related to certain product areas
  2. Submission box lets you post ideas and questions
  3. Highlights & Recent Activity displays at the top and presents new contentideashare-screenshot01


Accessing IdeaShare
To access the IdeaShare site, two links are available. One in the Help Menu

and the other in the dashboard under “Useful Links” in the middle column.



Once you click either link, you will be directed to the IdeaShare site, without any need to provide a username or password.

Note: If a user doesn’t have an email address in AdvancedMD, they won’t be able to access IdeaShare.

If you only want to see content related to a specific AdvancedMD product, click any of the links along the top. For example, if you would like to see content related to our iPad app, click the “Mobile” link.

Submitting an Idea / Question / Praise
To submit a new post, simply type your thoughts into the submission box. Once you hit “Continue”, IdeaShare looks to see if anyone has posted something similar. If there is a similar post, select that post and vote or comment to add your voice to the conversation. If there are no similar posts, you’ll be brought to another screen where you can add detail to your thought, attach an image and add tags for others to search on your topic.

Highlights / Recent Activity
On the Highlights tab, you can see some of the top posts from your colleagues. The Recent Activity tab shows the newest content on the sight. To the right of any post, you will see a box with a star and a number. This box shows how many other users have voted for this content. You can add your vote by simply clicking the star, or you can click on the post’s title to open the post and read more details.

How AdvancedMD uses IdeaShare
The product managers over each product:

  1. Observe the conversations & content
  2. Participate in conversations & posts when necessary
  3. Take the best ideas & incorporate them into the product roadmap
  4. Communicate back to the community which ideas are being considered, developed & released

Rules / Guidelines

There are just a few quick rules before you unleash your wonderful ideas on January 28:

  1. No HIPAA data posted here! We want your ideas, just not your HIPAA data
  2. No support issues. Please contact support if you have a pressing need
  3. Be respectful! Show respect for your fellow community members
  4. Once again, please, no HIPAA data

Topic: Patient Experience

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