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Patient Demographics (PM)

New Message
You now have the ability to access the Patient Information screen from the Task | Messages screen by clicking the new Patient button.

System Defaults (PM)

Display Block Over Hold
We have added a new system default, Display Block Over Hold. This system default allows you to determine if block times will display over hold times, or vice versa, in the appointment scheduler.

Select Yes if you want your blocked times to display over your holds.
Select No if you want your hold times to display over your blocks.
The default is Yes.

“Our workflow has diminished as far as the redundancies, having to do the back-and-click here or check on this and check on that—it’s all right there!”

Johnette Lamborne
Office manager

“The AdvancedMD system is an extremely big reason I’ve been able to pull off what I have over the past number of years.”

William W. Forgey, MD

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“The best thing I ever did in private practice was getting AdvancedMD—it has liberated me.”

Estaban Lavato, MD
La Loma Medical Center

“The nice thing about AdvancedMD is claims are cleared before they are forwarded to various insurance companies. We know very, very quickly if we have some defective portion on our claim.”

Dwight Romriell, DMD

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