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Dragon Medical Practice

Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 with customized AdvancedMD EHR integration by 1st-Dragon Medical, allows physicians to return to their standard of practice, and create meaningful documentation.

Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 customized by 1st-Dragon Medical for AdvancedMD allows you to dictate medical findings directly into AdvancedMD three times faster than most people type, with up to 99% accuracy. Minimize mouse clicks by using voice commands to navigate quickly within AdvancedMD to review results, place orders, document care, create medical correspondence, or send email messages.

This custom integration allows physicians to regain pride in the care of patients, improve the quality of notes, and decrease the time spent completing documentation.

One of the first steps in optimizing the AdvancedMD EHR is to improve the quality and efficiency of clinical documentation. Over 180,000 clinicians worldwide use Dragon Medical Practice Edition to quickly and completely document care.

1st-Dragon Medical has worked with AdvancedMD to customize the integration of Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 & AdvancedEHR to:

  • Allow physicians to dictate anywhere in AdvancedMD faster & in their own words
  • Navigate more efficiently by reducing or eliminating mouse clicks
  • Significantly reduce or eliminate transcription or scribe costs
  • Improve workflows allowing today’s documentation to be completed at the time of the visit
  • Accurately document patient narratives that support higher reimbursement levels
  • For added convenience, use our Dragon Medical ONE cloud solution & PowerMic Mobile App

Dragon Medical helps you get the most out of your AdvancedMD EHR by voice optimizing with Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4. Request a demonstration to see for yourself how Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 and AdvancedMD integrate seamlessly to streamline your workflow and improve care efficiency. 1st-Dragon Medical can also provide assistance to optimize or upgrade your current versions of Dragon Medical.

Special offer: Free current state workflow analysis and customized ROI calculation.

Category: Care Coordination, Practice Operations | Software Type: EMR/EHR Software

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“The doctor who is not using AdvancedMD right now, is wasting his time.”

Armando Diez
Owner – Florida Pro Health

“Our workflow has diminished as far as the redundancies, having to do the back-and-click here or check on this and check on that—it’s all right there!”

Johnette Lamborne
Office manager

“The money I have invested in AdvancedMD is miniscule compared to the return. I have never been more efficient – ever – in my professional life as I am now.”

Jed Shay, MD
The Pain Care Center

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“With the new scheduler and EHR, we get a lot of the information up front, so when the patient comes in, unless they have something changed insurance-wise they’re already verified and ready to be taken back right away, it also makes it much easier for billing.”

Nancy Sutter
Office manager