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CredentialEasy by ExpandMD


ExpandMD solves the credentialing struggle every practice faces with its intelligent mapping-based platform, CredentialEasy. Strategically created to optimize workflow for all connections to payers, the CredentialEasy solution expedites and eases the credentialing process. And the best part is that CredentialEasy doesn’t call on providers directly, but focuses on aggregators of providers instead. From start to finish, the system is fully automated to produce exceptional outcomes for medical practices. You’ll never have to call another payer to enquire about status again.

In partnership with AdvancedMD, their aim is to enable providers to do more of what they do best: practice medicine and deliver better results for their patients. ExpandMD’s CredentialEasy solutions include:

New Provider Enrollment Their intelligent mapping technology provides an expedited and touchless credentialing process.

Growing Your Payor Network Being able to accept additional health plans helps your practice grow while having every provider properly credentialed assures proper and timely reimbursements.

Re-Credentialing CredentialEasy doesn’t just automate the initial credentialing process, it also provides the automations to maintain provider credentials—never miss a re-credentialing deadline.

Hospital Privileges CredentialEasy provides support for hospital privileges making sure that provider privileges are kept current and meet all hospital requirements.

One Low Cost All CredentialEasy services are offered at one low cost, which includes services that will eliminate the administrative burden of credentialing from the practice (some services offered at additional cost).

Relocating or Adding Practice Locations Maintaining accurate locations with contracted payers, including Medicare/Medicaid, is simple and hands-free, allowing practices to focus on expansion instead of time-consuming credentialing processes.

Allocation of Staff Time Instead of chasing payers, CredentialEasy’s touchless process allows practices to maximize staff time for more efficient and valuable practice operations.

Consolidation, Acquisitions, and Mergers With ongoing investments being made in medical practice consolidations, the need for providers to be credentialed through new entities is simplified and expedited.

Medical Licensing In addition to credentialing, CredentialEasy provides full support for medical license maintenance and processing.


Why CredentialEasy?

  • Less expensive than other credentialing services
  • No limit to the number of payer plan credentialed
  • No extra setup or onboarding fees
  • Easily credential more payers
  • Expedited credentialing with intelligent-mapping design and automated processes


Benefits of CredentialEasy

  • Increase accuracy of the credentialing process
  • Minimize errors that causes payers to reject applications
  • Eliminate administrative burden—no touch by the provider or their staff required
  • Reduce cost and improve ROI related to credentialing and recredentialing
  • Never miss a deadline for submission


Additional Services

CredentialEasy can track the expirable dates and offer additional services to assist renewals (charges may apply).

  • Insurance Payer Contract Analysis
  • Medical License
  • Hospital Privileging
  • DEA and CDS
  • Board Certifications


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Jed Shay, MD
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