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March 7, 2019

In-person experts at Phoenix Expert Roadshow

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Although we always enjoy bragging about things we’re most passionate about, like AdvancedMD and our employees, we’ve gathered some reviews and photos so you can gauge for yourself.

What’s an Expert Roadshow, you ask?
Well, the expert roadshows are a special live learning and training experience for AdvancedMD clients AND non-AdvancedMD clients alike.

Without having to travel too far, join AdvancedMD and other users in your local community to get steeply-discounted educational, hands-on training as you sit side by side with AdvancedMD experts to improve your knowledge and understanding of AdvancedMD.

Current clients.
If you’re a current client, you’ll work within your own AdvancedMD instance (office key) as we collaborate with you to solve your toughest problems. Plus, you can get new add-on product discounts just for attending.

If you’re not an AdvancedMD client, what better way to “kick the tires” than to spend some time with employees from implementation, product and sales, for a private demo of all-things AdvancedMD. Nobody can help you unlock the power and potential of AdvancedMD technology like our own training experts and consultants. We promise you’ll be happy to compare and contrast your current practice management, EHR and patient engagement vendor(s).

Spend an hour or two or more – when it’s most convenient for you. These are all-day events. Our regional roadshows offer a way for you to meet and mingle with AdvancedMD users. We’ll demo any product for you as well as show you a preview of our exciting 2019 product roadmap.

Don’t just take our word for it.
No need to take our word for it. The below comment cards from existing clients tell the story better than we ever could. And so you know, we haven’t cherry-picked only the good comment cards. We’re happy these roadshows have been so successful (comments and photos rotate).


Hurry, before slots fill up.
Register now for our upcoming roadshow in Phoenix.

Roadshows in different areas will be announced soon.


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“The best thing I ever did in private practice was getting AdvancedMD—it has liberated me.”

Estaban Lavato, MD
La Loma Medical Center

“Everybody still does basically the same thing; they just do it in a different and better way that’s more efficient.”

Steve Wampler, MD
Greenhill Family Clinic

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“We have seen approximately a three-fold improvement on a month-to-month basis of increased collections using AdvancedMD technology as compared to our previous technology provider. That has really been a step-change improvement with respect to the economics of the company.”

Michael Paul, CEO
Lineagen, Inc.

“Having complete, complex reports right at your fingertips is invaluable to your practice’s health–it’s charting waters to these uncertain business times.”

Ron Rosenberg, PA
Practice Management Resource Group

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