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5 Medical Practice Technologies to Be Thankful For

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Giving thanks is the focus in November, so in the spirit of the holiday, we’re reviewing a few things that private practices can be thankful for. In the healthcare industry, the driving force behind the exponential improvements in clinical efficiency and patient care is technology. From ICD-10 prep to EHR, practice management, billing and scheduling software, technology makes running your practice easier. So to run down the list of things to be grateful for, let’s consider these key practice technologies and why they’re worth appreciating.


#1 ICD-10

For many practices, the transition to ICD-10 would have been a nightmare without the support of practice management technology. State-of-the-art systems offered critical support by helping practices compare ICD-9 codes with the ICD-10 equivalents, use diagnosis look-up windows and unified ICD-10 search functions that let coders select the new level of specificity that ICD-10 requires. This technology let users view potential risk assessments and helped to prevent ICD-10-related denial rates and improve compliance with the new requirements. If your transition to ICD-10 went smoothly as a result of this type of technology, that’s something to be thankful for.


#2 Electronic Scheduling

Practice management systems with electronic scheduling have been instrumental in reducing no-shows and streamlining patient appointments for maximum efficiency. Practices can now proactively and retroactively manage and reduce expensive no-shows and cancellations, as well as manage waiting lists to ensure the schedule is always full. Staff can view and schedule days at a time, manage appointment reminders, and set up alerts for follow-up care—all from one access point. If your practice is seeing more patients, maximizing its schedule, and reducing no-shows, then it’s time to be thankful for the breakthroughs in scheduling technology.


#3 Cloud Data Storage

Before electronic health records (EHR) with cloud storage came on the scene, practices needed to purchase servers and backup equipment for data storage. These had to be maintained, repaired, and upgraded on an ongoing basis–a process that was costly and inconvenient. Moving practice data to the cloud helped reduce IT costs incurred when buying expensive hardware and hiring technical support. Cloud technology gives small practices access to hospital-grade technology with less maintenance, remote access to patient data, automatic hourly data backup, increased security, and multi-site connectivity. Additionally, cloud software enables the use of mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets and has changed the way doctors treat, communicate, and interact with patients. That’s worth appreciating!


#4 Patient Portals

EHRs that use patient portal technology have led to a whole new level of patient service and practice efficiency. These portals give patients a secure, convenient online portal to communicate, schedule appointments, request prescription refills, as well as make payments with a credit card. Patient portals let practices move away from the old paper-based, inefficient system to one that improves staff productivity and helps patients become more engaged with their care. The availability of patient portals for managing healthcare is technology both staff and patients are thankful for.


#5 Interoperability

EHR systems with interoperability to communicate with multiple systems streamline office procedures and reduce the cost of managing patient information. These mobile solutions work across several platforms and devices: phones, laptops, and the iPad. Practices have been able to reduce administrative costs through integrated communication and information exchanges between multiple systems such as labs, imaging centers, hospitals and Health Information Exchanges (HIEs). It has improved productivity and the ability to share health information between patients, registries, physicians, and pharmacies. Interoperability and the positive effect it has had on the continuum of care is a technological advance to be thankful for.


Not so thankful because you don’t have this technology?

If you’re not so thankful for the technology that runs your practice, maybe it’s time to consider switching your EHR/practice management vendor. AdvancedMD is one of the nation’s largest providers of cloud medical practice software. Our system can replace five or more systems with an all-in-one EHR and practice management solution that allows you to optimize schedules, simplify check-in and checkout, document patient encounters, prescribe and order, capture and pursue revenue, measure financial performance, and practice on the go.


Learn more about AdvancedMD and how its high-performance technology can make you thankful for its ability to keep your practice running smoothly. Call a representative today 800-825-0224 or visit advancedmd.com.

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