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5 ways to enhance your ICD-10 transition plan

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In the June ICD-10 webinar, we covered 5 important steps a practice needs to get the ICD-10 ball rolling. Our July webinar aims to continue the ICD-10 momentum as we examine your practice’s ICD-10 progress and look for ways to refine your ICD-10 plan.

In this 45-minute webinar, we’ll help you elevate your ICD-10 champion status to ICD-10 Master. We’ll give you 5 ways you can enhance your current ICD-10 transition plan. Check out this recorded webinar and learn:

  1. How to start the ICD-10 conversation with your current PM vendor. You’ll want to ask important ICD-10 related questions including: Can your current PM software be updated for the ICD-10 conversion? If so, is this included in the price of your current contract?
  2. How to familiarize yourself with the ICD-10 transition plans of your trading partner. The compatibility of your trading partner’s system with ICD-10 codes is just as important as your own. Your practice will suffer if your partners aren’t ready for ICD-10.
  3. How to test your internal practice systems and functions. Communication between your office systems is vital for the ICD-10 transition. You’ll need to identify which systems rely on ICD-10 codes and install any necessary upgrades. Lastly, you’ll want to test the systems to ensure they are ready to go on October 1.
  4. How to test with trading partners. This is a critical step to any ICD-10 plan. You’ll want to take time to test sending ICD-10 information from your system to the systems of your payers, clearinghouses and billing services.
  5. How to update your budget for any plan adjustments. After completing the first four plan revisions, you’ll want to re-evaluate your budget to make appropriate time and budget adjustments.

Access our recorded webinar to learn how to Gauge your ICD-10 progress and refine your plan.

Register for the August ICD-10 webinar Tracking your ICD-10 progress. We’ll be tracking your ICD-10 progress and help you determine if any areas of your practice require extra attention. As a bonus, we’re giving all attendees free access to our risk assessment calculator.

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