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Become Your Practice’s MACRA Expert Webinars Series

Become Your Practice’s MACRA Expert
Join AdvancedMD in this educational webinar series exploring MACRA. Many say the program is too complex and sets providers up for lost revenue. Rest assured, this series will guide you through the MACRA journey to ensure your success. Spanning seven webinars, you’ll learn everything about MACRA including: what it is, the different categories within MACRA, APMs, and the four sections of MIPS. Click here for the complete MACRA webinar series.


Webinar #1: Intro to MACRAnomics
Thursday, July 7 – 10am MDT
30 minute discussion + Q&A

To kick off the MACRA webinar series, we’ll give an overview of what MACRA is and discuss the options available for your practice participation.

Key Objectives:

  • What is MACRA
  • MACRA goals
  • Review the proposed timeline
  • Key elements of MACRA


Webinar #2: MIPS: Combining 3 Programs Into 1
Thursday, July 14 – 10am MDT
45 minute discussion + Q&A

In session two of the series, we’ll explore how MACRA combines three programs into one. You’ll learn the four categories that form MIPS and how to make sure your practice meets the standards.

Key Objectives:

  • The four categories of MIPS
  • How MIPS replaces Meaningful Use
  • Early steps to take now

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