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Where to Find COVID-19 Reimbursement Rates & Billing Change Information

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Medical billing services were already confusing before COVID-19, but as the pandemic spread and many clinics were forced to shut down in-person visits and shift to telemedicine, while other urgent care and hospital clinics were inundated with patients suffering from a novel disease, medical billing got even more complex. For many clinics and providers, it’s only adding to the frustrations and financial hardships of shutting down operations.

Payers, including private insurance and CMS, are also scrambling to keep up. The changes they are implementing can be hard to follow. Keeping up with the latest changes can help you submit clean claims and get paid faster, as well as help you bill for the correct amounts and avoid leaving money on the table. Here are some good resources to help you keep track of what’s happening.

CMS Website

The CMS website isn’t necessarily the most user-friendly site, but they have an entire page dedicated to information and links about coronavirus. It includes more than 150 links to information on how to bill for services, what emergencies are in effect and what that means, infection control, cleaning physical clinic spaces, and more.

Industry Publications

There are also a number of industry publications that are consolidating information into one place to make it easier to find. One of the most comprehensive resources is RevCycle Intelligence, a publication of xtelligent HEALTHCARE MEDIA. Their page, Latest Coronavirus Updates for the Healthcare Community, was first published in mid-March and has been updated twice a day with information and links on billing and other necessary information related to COVID-19.

The publication also has a page specifically dedicated to updates on COVID-19 billing, which is a valuable resource for CPT codes, ICD-10, HCPCS, and more.

Industry Organizations

Similar to publications, industry organizations have also mobilized resources to help people access information. Some of the information is specific to certain medical specialties, but a lot of the information is broad enough to apply to multiple specialties and multiple clinics.

Some of the best ones available include:

Organizations have compiled things like a COVID-19 policy change cheat sheet, state-by-state telemedicine policies related to Medicaid, a breakdown of changes and policy by the major private insurance carriers, as well as financial aid and assistance for physicians and clinics struggling during COVID-19.

These resources can help your clinic figure out some of the most difficult medical billing questions, as well as find other resources for your workforce, your patients, and your clinic. At AdvancedMD, we’re also here to help. Our medical billing service specializes in helping small clinics keep up with billing concerns, and we can help during coronavirus. Contact us today to learn more.


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