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Don’t Risk Patient Relationships While Collecting Outstanding Debts


Protecting your business
While picking up the phone in pursuit of outstanding debts remains one of the most successful collection strategies, doing so legally is harder than ever. Experts recommend including a provision for such calls in your entry paperwork or trusting your collection pursuits to an experienced collector.

I.C. System has offered receivable management solutions since 1938, and we’re licensed and bonded to perform collections in all 50 states. Our team follows the TCPA closely, and in accordance with the law, so you know that when we reach out to your patients, we’ll do so effectively and legally.

Decades of experience
We have decades of experience as a collection agency for doctors. We work with care, compassion, and compliance within a variety of healthcare settings. We understand that healthcare professionals are under constant strain to deliver qualified, conscientious care while controlling costs. By outsourcing a portion of your back-office resources to a doctor’s collection agency, you can spend more time focusing on practicing medicine and spend less time worrying about your practice.

HIPAA compliant
We are fully HIPAA compliant and we maintain a staff of healthcare revenue cycle professionals that stay current with ever-changing healthcare regulations in order to provide the best doctors collection service.

I.C. System is one of the largest debt collection agencies in the United States. Through our combination of quality service, courteous nature, and reasonable rates, our collection services are unmatched by other receivables management agencies. I.C. System is not like other collection agency. We keep your best interest in mind and provide innovative solutions to meet your needs and the needs of your patients. We’re family owned and privately held, ensuring personalized service and stability that has worked for our clients for over three generations.

Our Mission
To be the best, most trusted, accounts receivable management company

Our Core Values
People: We respect, develop and invest in our PEOPLE and our community
Integrity: We do the right thing, all the time
Performance: We deliver consistent, upper echelon client results
Pride: We take PRIDE in improving and promoting our Company
Innovation: We build upon our legacy of INNOVATION

Collected billions of dollars
The number of times our collection practices have caused a client to pay a legal judgement: ZERO!

Contact us today to learn how we can take the confusion out of your collection calls.

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