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Easy-to-Use, Simple, and Secure EMR Data Archive Solution


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Practices migrating to a new EMR system are not always ready to have their legacy data converted and imported to the new EMR. When a data conversion from the old system is not a viable or desirable option, LKEMR-Archive keeps records easily accessible in a structured, discrete format while practices start fresh with their new EMR system. Cloud-based and vendor agnostic, it is a searchable, read-only archive that is organized by the patient chart.

Data can be stored temporarily and moved to the new EMR later or, if needed, stored in LKEMR-Archive permanently. Providers have access to their old patient records in a structured, customizable, meaningful way at all times.

“Without this EMR viewer, I simply would not have been able to switch EMRs.”
– Dr. David Weissgold, Retina Care Center of Vermont

Benefits of LKEMR-Archive, include:

Comply with Federal Regulations
State and federal laws dictate that patient data must be retained for a certain number of years after the patient’s last discharge. This length of time varies by state and age of patient. Archiving legacy data is the easy, cost-effective way to retain legacy patient records for as long as you need when switching to the new system.

Maintain Continuity of Care
No gaps in access to patient data means no gaps in patient care. LKEMR-Archive enhances the EMR replacement experience by offering providers with constant access to patient records.

Single Sign-On (SSO) enables access to archived records from certain EMR systems with just the click of a mouse.

Quickly roll out the new EMR

  • Without the need to import all the clinical data before the “go-live” date, the new EMR gets up and running faster
  • Start the new EMR with a clean slate and keep all legacy data in LKEMR-Archive permanently
  • Store data there while you get your EMR running and import it when it’s best for you

Retire the unwanted EMR with a Low-Cost Solution
Legacy systems are expensive to maintain. Archiving patient data and shutting down the old system keeps your legacy data intact while cutting up to 80% of the cost.
LKEMR-Archive quickly and cost-effectively gives practices the freedom to get rid of systems that aren’t accommodating workflows or satisfying their requirements. With data easily accessible in LKEMR-Archive, the old EMR can be shut off for good.

Structured patient records, searchable in seconds
Unlike data archives that store legacy data in one tedious PDF, LKEMR-Archive keeps your legacy data intact. Clinical data is stored in discrete format—patient information, PDFs, scans, and images are easily readable, organized by patient chart.

Supports full and partial searches of patient charts by Chart Number, First Name, Last Name, SSN, or a combination of these. Patient information is organized in completely customizable modules based on the practice’s needs.

  • Patient Information
  • Charts
  • Vitals
  • Immunizations
  • Problem List
  • Medications
  • Allergies
  • Documents
  • Images
  • Procedures
  • Lab Results
  • History
  • Encounter Notes

Practices can access archived information from anywhere, anytime

  • Set up, hosted, maintained, and monitored by ELLKAY
  • Multiple users can simultaneously view archives from different locations, accommodating any workflow
  • Export and print patient charts, PDFs, and images

Data is always secure

  • Hosted with Rackspace™
  • 2048 bit encryption
  • HTTPS protocol

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Case Study: Retina Care Center of Vermont Selects LKEMR-Archive
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