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Ensure a hassle-free audit with Healthcare Compliance Solutions

As a strategic partner to AdvancedMD, Lance King from Healthcare Compliance Solutions (HCSI) interviews Josh Johnsen, Executive Vice President of Sales for AdvancedMD.

Get to know Josh Johnsen
Josh Johnsen has a passion for sports which translates directly into his personal life and work. Josh grew up playing four high school sports and now enjoys coaching his children’s teams. His father was a great example of determination and instilled the desire to succeed in him. Josh’s favorite quote is from Henry Ford, “Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right!”

Josh relies on the philosophy of positive thinking and giving his all throughout his career, and especially relies on positivity during life’s challenges. Josh worked as the VP of sales for ADP. When ADP acquired AdvancedMD, Josh made a lateral move and has since been promoted to Executive Vice President of Sales, now that AdvancedMD is no longer owned by ADP.

Josh’s favorite book, Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast, guides him when managing his sales teams. When acquiring new companies and instilling the new culture of commitment, Josh looks for people who are willing to not give up and want to have a long-term career with the company. He prides himself on developing a positive culture where his salespeople can succeed if they’re willing to put in the effort. A key part of that culture development is the practice of giving nicknames to each co-worker. Nicknames are just part of building a culture of success, motivation and retention at AdvancedMD.

AdvancedMD competitive advantages
AdvancedMD is a cloud-based software company that specializes in technology and software for independent medical offices of all sizes, from single practices to larger practices with 25 or more practitioners. AdvancedMD provides electronic medical record (EMR), patient portals, for patients to access their information and fill forms out online, telemedicine, as well as scheduling software and more.

Josh describes the biggest competitive advantage of AdvancedMD is its billing software. Because of billing inefficiencies, physicians end up treating their first two patients of every day for free. The AdvancedMD billing products help eliminate that inefficiency. Besides offering billing software directly to clients, AdvancedMD also offers software for billing companies or can take over billing entirely.

Another competitive advantage of AdvancedMD is the specialized sales and implementation teams. These teams are familiar with the needs and nuances of specific specialties. The implementation teams will walk everyone, established practice or brand-new start-up, through all aspects of the software. This includes setup, credentialing, billing, scheduling, reporting and submitting claims. Once the client understands the product, they are introduced to service specialists who continue to support the practice with any questions or continuing needs. AdvancedMD also offers additional products, such as Benchmarking that will help a practice compare and contrast their performance with others in the same specialty or locality.

Issues facing healthcare providers
Doctors/business owners like to have control over data. AdvancedMD offers that control through access to information and charts electronically. The efficiencies gained through AdvancedMD allows doctors to focus their time on patient care, instead of keeping track of papers. Doctors can enter information on a tablet or phone and it will be uploaded to the cloud. Electronic charting systems are also more effective in safeguarding patient information. AdvancedMD prides itself on billing efficiency so offices have higher bill-pay, thus becoming more profitable. AdvancedMD also offers continued support for clients after they purchase through product enhancements, question support, access to newsletters and monthly webinars. Finally, if clients refer other practitioners resulting in a sale, the referring office earns discounts and other incentives. Josh Johnsen says the AdvancedMD mission is to save the private practice by focusing on billing efficiency, continuous advancement, and putting the customer first.

Watch the interview with Josh Johnsen

About Healthcare Compliance Solutions
HCSI is a compliance partner for healthcare providers and business associates. Our mission is to incorporate a culture of compliance with OSHA, HIPAA and Medicare. This is best done when the compliance officer is given the support and resources needed for autonomy and engagement throughout the organization.

In today’s world, it’s not if you will be audited but when. Wouldn’t you like to eliminate audit worries and concerns? HCSI has the only proven manual specifically for an audit. Introducing our new Audit Manual from HCSI. This manual provides all the necessary materials to ensure a hassle-free audit encounter, whether from OSHA, Medicare, HIPAA, or the Department of Labor (DOL). Hand the manual to the auditor and they’ll know your office is trained and compliant.

Healthcare providers know they need to be compliant but the problem is they are too busy and often lack the resources to do so. Compliance frustrates doctors and staff. HCSI understands and has a plan. For more than 32 years, HCSI has made the pieces fit so healthcare practices don’t have to. Compliance is possible. HCSI offers:

  1. Implementation specialists to guide practice administrators through a culture of compliance
  2. Online compliance officer training and staff training
  3. Compliance Binders with completed compliance plans

Protect yourself during an audit, get more information about Healthcare Compliance Solutions:

Healthcare Compliance Solutions, Inc. (HCSI)


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