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ICD-10: breaking down your implementation into small, manageable tasks


The ICD-10 Success Tracker by AdvancedMD is a simple project management tool to help you prepare your staff for the upcoming ICD-10 transition. You are able to break down a very daunting ICD-10 implementation into small, manageable tasks. Here are three specific areas where the ICD-10 Success Tracker can help:

  1. Analyze most frequently used codes.
    The Success Tracker presents your frequently-used ICD-9 codes and compares them to ICD-10 to show the greatest impact on your practice after the compliance date. And more importantly, what actions you need to take in order to remediate these high impact codes. You now have a central location to prepare for ICD-10, using frequently used codes and how often they were used, within your office during the past 12 months.
  2. Complete basic chart audits.
    Chart audits identify holes the way clinicians currently document the high impact codes and identify problems that coders may have coding, based on the added complexity of ICD-10. Additionally, basic chart audits identify potential problems with your current documentation process. Identifying potential problems with your coding process now ensures your coders will have proper skills to translate the ICD-10 codes based on your current documentation.
  3. Identify opportunities for testing with payers that represent the largest revenue for your office.
    You can easily view payers in your mix that allow testing opportunities now and in the future. Identifying the payers with the largest revenue for your office allows you to clearly see common pitfalls that will disrupt revenue. These include your clinical documentation that is not yet ICD-10 ready as well as your coding staff’s ability to translate into ICD-10.

You now have a central location to prepare your entire practice and workflow for ICD-10. The ICD-10 Success Tracker is free with your monthly AdvancedMD subscription. Check out this newest video on the AdvancedMD ICD-10 Success Tracker.

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