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ICD-10 Valentine’s Edition: Codes you’re gonna love


When you think of romance, EHR and medical billing probably aren’t the first things that come to mind. However, with the new knock-your-socks-off specificity of ICD-10, you’ll be prepared to code all the sweet happenings and heartbreaking mishaps of Valentine’s Day in 2016. Let’s get a head-start by reviewing the best ICD-10 codes for the holidays.

W45 Foreign Body or Object Entering Through Skin
When cupid strikes with his mighty arrow, there isn’t much we can do to resist the euphoria of true love. But if you can’t avoid the pierce of a real arrow, ICD-10 has just the code.

R73.9 Hyperglycemia, Unspecified
Being in love is oh so sweet. So is munching down piles of conversation hearts and boxes of chocolates. Seek medical care if your light-headiness has more to do with blood sugar levels than falling for someone special.

W60 Contact with Plant Thorns and Spines and Sharp Leaves
Men know that they best be placing their Valentine’s Day floral orders early else spend February 14th sleeping in the dog house. But what’s worse than forgetting to send your sweetheart a long-stemmed dozen? Sending one that is a bit too rustic.

T61 Toxic Effect of Noxious Substances Eaten as Seafood
A delicious seafood dinner is a great way to celebrate the holiday with that special someone. Unfortunately, if the scallops or clam strips haven’t been prepared properly, the day after Valentine’s Day could be spent at the doctor’s office thanks to a less-than-romantic bout of food poisoning.

W45.1 Paper Entering through Skin
Folding and sealing all those love letters and well wishes can leave your hands a little worse for wear. Don’t worry, there is a code if you’re a bit too overzealous in your love-poem writing this Valentine’s Day.

R00.2 Palpitations, R06.4 Hyperventilation, R61 Hyperhidrosis
Being in love isn’t just a vague sense in your mind; it manifests itself in physical ways. We’ve all been there: feeling our heart race, having trouble breathing, or sweating uncontrollably. When these symptoms require a doctor’s care, however, then you’ll need to know these codes to keep the patients’ electronic health record up to date.

X36 Victim of Avalanche, Landslide and Other Earth Movements
Carole King captured the feeling of falling in love so perfectly when she said, “I feel the earth move under my feet.” But if the Valentine’s-Day earth moving registers on the real Richter scale, use this code in your electronic health records.

R45.83 Excessive Crying
Not all of us are lucky in love. If you are flying solo this Valentine’s Day, you may need to keep this ICD-10 code handy.

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