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Improve your billing speed & accuracy with AdvancedMD software

AdvancedMD makes running your billing easy, with a state-of-the-art infrastructure and software, personal support, from a brand you can trust. With a single login, you can manage billing for each provider and location. AdvancedMD centralized billing gives you control and visibility without affecting workflow. With AdvancedMD medical billing software, you will notice improved communication, in-depth analytics and faster billing results.

A brand you can trust

AdvancedMD gives you confidence to know you will always be supported. AdvancedMD serves more than 21,500 providers and 500 billing partners nationwide. Our team of experienced medical billing professionals have seen most every billing problem that hinder a practice’s financial health, including work overload, staffing concerns, or new practice, new provider or retirement issues.

We take the hassles out of IT
You want to make sure you’re doing your job of managing the billing for your practice or practices, not playing the role of the IT manager. That’s why we’ve built an infrastructure that allows you to focus on what you do best. Leave the technology to us. Partnering with an industry-leader like AdvancedMD, allows you to provide the fastest, most secure and most reliable technology in the industry.

Automatic, free updates
Since there’s no software to install, you no longer have to fuss with manual software updates. We’re continually improving the features within AdvancedMD, plus all updates are automatic with cloud-based applications. In fact, every time you log in, you’re running the latest and greatest version. We reinvest 20% of all revenues into product development to ensure you always have the latest technologies and capabilities.

Continual speed enhancements
We leverage multiple third-party web technologies to monitor and improve the speed and responsiveness of our software. These tools allow our network gurus to immediately spot issues and react. AdvancedMD provides hassle-free, hosted and cloud-based medical billing software for you and your providers.

Backed up & secure
With security and privacy risk on the rise, we make ongoing changes every day to ensure the software you use is compliant. These upgrades are automatic and free. Gain peace of mind with automatic, hourly data backups. You can relax knowing that your data is always safe from any threat or potential disaster to your office because it’s stored offsite. Plus, your practice data is secured with military-grade encryption. You control what anyone in your office can or cannot access. Your providers only see their practice data without affecting workflow.

Integrated clearinghouse
We’ve built a truly integrated clearinghouse. It’s truly the luxury model within the industry. Other systems still force you to interact with payers outside their software. With AdvancedMD, electronic data interchange flows in-and-out seamlessly, saving you from uploading claims and downloading remittances. Enjoy the flexibility of independent claims management, with separate billing and reporting by provider, and easily manage multi-provider and multi-site billing operations.

Always compliant
You see firsthand how medical practices struggle daily to keep up with regulation changes. The fact is, you’re not immune to these struggles either. That’s why we’re committed to meeting those requirements from a technology standpoint. You can relax knowing that your technology provider will adapt the software to meet new regulations.

Extensible API
Whether you need to extend your capabilities with a third-party integration or build your own, our robust XML-based API allows you to connect with services and value-add products, such as labs, transcription services, networks and more. View detailed reporting for a specific provider or analyze and manage your entire business. Additionally,AdvancedMD provides an extensive list of trusted cloud apps and services partners through our new Marketplace.

The AdvancedMD guarantee
Claim Inspector by AdvancedMD automatically scrubs claims for potential errors. It runs more than 3.5 million edits on each claim for CCI, HIPAA, LCD and carrier-specific requirements before the claim is submitted. As a result, we guarantee our customers’ first-pass claim acceptance rate is 95% or better.

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“With the new scheduler and EHR, we get a lot of the information up front, so when the patient comes in, unless they have something changed insurance-wise they’re already verified and ready to be taken back right away, it also makes it much easier for billing.”

Nancy Sutter
Office manager

“Everybody still does basically the same thing; they just do it in a different and better way that’s more efficient.”

Steve Wampler, MD
Greenhill Family Clinic

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“If you want to be focused on your practice and not worry about infrastructure, this is it. It’s transparent, just like when I plug something into the wall I’m not worried about what the voltage is and what’s the availability; it’s just there—like AdvancedMD. It does it so well sometimes you don’t appreciate it until you really think about it.”

Judy Feingold
Occupational Therapist

“The nice thing about AdvancedMD is claims are cleared before they are forwarded to various insurance companies. We know very, very quickly if we have some defective portion on our claim.”

Dwight Romriell, DMD

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