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Introducing HIPAA One and the Golden Ticket security risk analysis event

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HIPAA One, our featured Marketplace partner, is holding its annual “Golden Ticket” security and risk event. AdvancedMD provides the golden ticket to all our friends and customers.

What this means is you have a special opportunity to get a security risk analysis. I know, probably not the Christmas present you were expecting, but HIPAA security and reducing risk should be at the top of your goals for 2020. And we’d like to help.

The process to claim your ticket is simple. Visit the HIPAA One Marketplace listing and request a callback. Details about HIPAA One, videos, free software and other educational resources can be found on this page.

Get started because this once-a-year offer expires December 20.

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“The money I have invested in AdvancedMD is miniscule compared to the return. I have never been more efficient – ever – in my professional life as I am now.”

Jed Shay, MD
The Pain Care Center

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“With the new scheduler and EHR, we get a lot of the information up front, so when the patient comes in, unless they have something changed insurance-wise they’re already verified and ready to be taken back right away, it also makes it much easier for billing.”

Nancy Sutter
Office manager

“The best thing I ever did in private practice was getting AdvancedMD—it has liberated me.”

Estaban Lavato, MD
La Loma Medical Center

“We have seen approximately a three-fold improvement on a month-to-month basis of increased collections using AdvancedMD technology as compared to our previous technology provider. That has really been a step-change improvement with respect to the economics of the company.”

Michael Paul, CEO
Lineagen, Inc.