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Losing weight requires attention to detail

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AdvancedMD recently had the privilege of filming a Practice Life video with AVISTA Medical Center, a client from Gilbert, AZ. We’ll have the final video ready to watch shortly.

Dr. Punya Raman at AVISTA Medical Center specializes in family medicine, obesity (Bariatric) medicine, hormone therapy and cosmetic surgery. Dr. Raman is a Board-certified family medical doctor with over 25 years of clinical experience. Her medical background is nothing less than broad and diverse. Her drive and on-going education keep her sharp and a leader in modern medical care.

Three years ago, she committed to AVISTA’s new weight loss program, and pursued her second board-certification, in Obesity Medicine, and became an essential part of the Obesity Medicine Association. Four years ago, she earned prestigious honorary membership in the American Cosmetic Surgery Association by demonstrating her surgical skills while performing SmartLipo procedures.

Dr. Raman was recently featured in Gilbert Sun News about an issue that many Americans have difficulties with: losing weight. Dr. Raman explains how to lose weight by paying attention to the details.

Read the article on page 19 of the Gilbert Sun News.

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Keith Berkowitz, MD
Center for Balanced Health

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