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MACRA Resource Library

AdvancedMD has created a special-forces-type team that we have cordially named the MACRA Posse. Comprised of more than a dozen of the best and brightest from all areas of AdvancedMD, our posse provides MACRA and MIPS content and resources including eBooks, flyers, calculators, webinar recordings and desk guides.

Although we’re quite proud of our vast collection, we felt it might be easier to give you the top 10 most downloaded MACRA and MIPS resources for 2017. There’s something for everyone and everything is designed to help you become a ‘MACRA Master’.

#10 Preparing your Practice for MACRA Guide
It’s understandable that many healthcare professionals are feeling overwhelmed with the complex MACRA law. This helpful guide sheds light on the sometimes-confusing world of MACRA compliance. Loaded with details and insightful recommendations, it helps you prepare a winning strategy. Learn more & download.

#9 Quality Beginner’s Guide (formerly PQRS & CQMs)
Just because you’re new to MACRA and MIPS doesn’t mean you need to feel like a novice. This free resource in our MACRA Survival Series helps MACRA beginners succeed. This step-by-step guide is designed to walk you through three key elements of MACRA Quality. Learn more & download.

#8 Advancing Care Information (ACI) Beginner’s Guide
The remaining 25% of the weight for MIPS Performance categories for 2017 comes from ACI. This guide explains the details for each ACI criteria and shares how to set up and begin collecting necessary data. We also detail the required measures for ACI base and performance scores, and their respective percentages and points. Learn more & download.

#7 Improvement Activities (IA) Beginner’s Guide
15% of the weight for MIPS Performance categories for 2017 is for IA. In this free guide, we explain the details for each of your chosen IA criteria and share how to set up and begin collecting necessary data, then detail how to choose and report on 1 to 4 improvement activities to earn the full 15%, or 40 IA points. Learn more & download.

#6 MACRA Essentials Guide
Survive and thrive through the MACRA transition. We explain why 2017 is a transitional year for MACRA compliance, meaning you can test your options and find what works for you. You’ll find an arsenal of resources. Learn more & download.

#5 MIPS Category Scoring Overview
Our Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) Category Scoring chart can guide your clinicians and operations managers with an accurate way to calculate MIPS. We’ve included highly graphical charts and graphs to break down each of the three 2017 MIPS categories. Learn more & download.

#4 MACRAnyms Desk Guide
Are you MACRA ready? Get familiar with 75 of the most-used acronyms and terms in the new Final Rule of MACRA. We’ve compiled a convenient single-sided desk guide you can print and post near your computer. Learn more & download.

#3 Merit-based Incentive Payment System Overview Flyer
Learn the key highlights for the 2017 transition year. We’ve created a short and sweet flyer for anyone in your practice wondering what to do next. Learn more & download.

#2 MACRA & MIPS Consulting Packages
Our MIPS consultants will guide you through MACRA & MIPS 2017 requirements and show you how easy it is to use AdvancedEHR to earn a positive or neutral payment adjustment in 2019. Whether you need a few consulting hours or a more comprehensive plan that will monitor and support your progress, let us put you on the right path to achieve a positive MACRA & MIPS score. Schedule time today with our MACRA & MIPS Professional Services.

#1 MACRA Survival Guide
Start building and capturing the data you’ll need for MACRA. Learn why high achievers receive higher upward payment adjustments. This guide shares key steps you can take now to prepare for MACRA, plus much more. Learn more & download.


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“We have seen approximately a three-fold improvement on a month-to-month basis of increased collections using AdvancedMD technology as compared to our previous technology provider. That has really been a step-change improvement with respect to the economics of the company.”

Michael Paul, CEO
Lineagen, Inc.

“Our workflow has diminished as far as the redundancies, having to do the back-and-click here or check on this and check on that—it’s all right there!”

Johnette Lamborne
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“With AdvancedMD we got everything in one package, and the ability to ensure that we get maximum allowable Medicaid reimbursement.”

Charlotte Kientzy
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“If we are waiting for a delivery or in between surgeries, we can log in, check messages or patient information and send electronic prescriptions as needed. Mobility is a good thing, and certainly being able to coordinate care with our patients from multiple locations is definitely a plus.”

Lisbeth Chang, MD
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