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Summer Release 2020

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Rhythm master suite just got a whole lot smoother.

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This release further improves the core AdvancedMD user experience with more unified workflow across all our product tiers. Many features have been refined to give you and your staff faster access, better visibility and more control. All capabilities, features, and enhancements continue to give the foundation to support increased demand, improve revenue and collections, engage with patients and grow your practice.

The following capabilities, features, and enhancements are being rolled out during our new tri-annual product release cycle:

Practice Management

  • Unified card framework to match EHR (rollout in the next 2-3 months)
  • Faster patient search to match EHR
  • Bottom tabs moved to left side with ability to show and hide
  • New mini cards to see the most important data points across patient demographics
  • Cards can be set to appear on the left or the right
  • System default lets you choose a required email address for the patient and responsible party for easier communications
  • NPI numbers can be required in the referring provider master file
  • Consolidated invoices and payments for entity care; all charges can be edited before creating invoices and invoices can be updated when balances or ICD codes have changed
  • Allowable fee schedules are simplified; carrier takes priority over the existing allowable fee schedule tied to the financial class
  • New payment reconciliation center matches insurance deposits from bank statement to the ERAs received

Patient Engagement

  • Increased telehealth scheduling buffer for managing patient no-shows
  • Telehealth refresh button and a checkbox to hide completed visits
  • Collect co-pays from telehealth visits; collect fixed co-pay or a flat fee before visit
  • Streamlined end-to-end intake process
  • Smart filters configured to match patients with appropriate providers, facilities and carriers
  • Patients can select preferred language
  • Gather valuable information on how patients learned about your practice
  • Easier setup and management of prescreening patients
  • New health checker guides through setup for intake and online scheduling
  • Intake provider setup master file includes configurable filtering for appointment type, facility and carrier
  • Additional filtering in intake worklists (patient search and user sticky settings)
  • Intake features include online scheduling and linking acceptable insurance carriers; patients can see default provider as initial provider choice
  • Email, phone and SMS validation


  • Improved clinical and mobile workflow for faster access and better visibility
  • New patient chart Timeline view
  • New Inbound CIE dashboard donut and worklist
  • Ongoing regulatory updates


  • EHR dashboard available on mobile app as new home page
  • HealthWatcher donut and worklist on the mobile app
  • Access to online reviews and scores on the mobile app
  • Brand new mobile administrator app

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“If we are waiting for a delivery or in between surgeries, we can log in, check messages or patient information and send electronic prescriptions as needed. Mobility is a good thing, and certainly being able to coordinate care with our patients from multiple locations is definitely a plus.”

Lisbeth Chang, MD
Sunrise Women’s Medical Group

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“Everybody still does basically the same thing; they just do it in a different and better way that’s more efficient.”

Steve Wampler, MD
Greenhill Family Clinic

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“We have seen approximately a three-fold improvement on a month-to-month basis of increased collections using AdvancedMD technology as compared to our previous technology provider. That has really been a step-change improvement with respect to the economics of the company.”

Michael Paul, CEO
Lineagen, Inc.

“Other companies made their offers, but they required so much more money up front, I’ve seen a lot of different systems in my 18 years in billing. If you are looking for an easy-to-learn, cost-effective solution, AdvancedMD is your answer.”

Gloria Johnson
Billing manager