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It’s time to act: MIPS 2020

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AdvancedMD has been busy helping our clients get ready for CMS 2019 attestation and preparing for the 2020 performance year. Register for the MIPS Quality Category 2020 webinar on March 17. See below for additional resources and items you need to act on now!

2019 Attestation resources on NEST

Download eCQM templates for 2020
CMS has updated the Electronic Clinical Quality Measures (eCQMs) for the 2020 performance period. Review the list of eCQMs that your office participates in and compare it to the below list to see if CMS has removed the measure.

   CMS 2020 removed measures

  • CMS 82 Maternal Depression Screening
  • CMS 132 Cataracts
  • CMS 160 Depression Utilization of the PHQ-9 Tool

New templates: All the eCQM templates for 2020 were changed to provide an intuitive workflow and ease of documentation. Some of the changes include removing the Performed and Not Performed checkboxes and the use of option controls to indicate a specific workflow. These template changes will allow for a more streamlined experience. To take advantage of these changes go the EHR Template Library and download the templates from the eCQM-Changed or eCQM-Unchanged folders. Remember you will need to update your 2019 or previous eCQM template fields for 2020 if the measure appears in the eCQM-Changed folder because of changes CMS has made to capturing these measures. Although, it is strongly recommended you import and replace ALL your eCQM templates from 2019, or previous, with the 2020 eCQM templates because the improved design will assist you in documenting the correct fields for any given measure.

Extra templates added: eCQM– Claims Method – Small practices with 15 or fewer providers can submit quality measures using Medicare Part B Claims. To make documentation of quality measures using Medicare Part B Claims easier, AdvancedMD provides 29 claim templates pre-built with codes.

2020 resources available for MIPS on NEST:

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