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Telehealth for Picky Patients

5 Key Steps for Moving from Crisis Stopgap to Patient-pleasing Convenience Regardless of where your practice is on the ‘exiting the crisis’ crossroads with telemedicine/health, two things are increasingly clear: Telehealth is firmly embedded and growing, a permanent part of healthcare delivery now and in the future. The most productive approach for plotting a telehealth … Continued

Telemedicine Bible for Creating Great Patient Experiences

Much more than having a good ‘webside’ manner and ‘workleisure’ attire. The concept of telemedicine (including telehealth and teletherapy) is not new—in fact, the first mention of using a telephone as a means for a doctor and patient to connect and avoid an unnecessary visit to the doctor’s office was in the British medical journal … Continued

7 Ways to do more of what Works and Less of what Doesn’t (duh!)

Maximizing patient likes and minimizing staff dislikes about telemedicine The past few years are unmistakably the era of telemedicine adoption (also known as telehealth and teletherapy). New research illuminates bright spots and areas for improvement that make telemedicine attractive, productive, and favorable for both providers and patients. As the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated, the healthcare system … Continued

Understanding and Maximizing Reimbursement with Telehealth & Telemedicine

The use of telemedicine visits skyrocketed to become the default in most clinics when worries about spreading COVID-19 at in-person clinics shut down most medical offices during the spring of 2020. Prior to that, many providers were hesitant to adopt telemedicine and telehealth widely in their practice because the landscape for reimbursement was uneven, difficult, … Continued

3 Things that Might Be Preventing Your Patients from Using Telemedicine

The rapid introduction of telemedicine and other telehealth tools in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic has provided key insight into what the future of medicine might look like. While many patients are already indicating that they want the convenience of telemedicine to continue in the future, the use of online platforms to deliver virtual … Continued

Telemedicine in a new normal with Elizabeth Woodcock

Join Elizabeth Woodcock and Aaron Glauser for a riveting discussion on “Telemedicine in the New Normal: Best Practices in Coding, Reimbursement and Workflow.” Topics covered: Regulations Revenue Cycle Management Coding Operations Watch the on-demand webinar recording to learn all of the great details, tips, and tricks to maximizing your revenue from telemedicine.

Protecting Your Practice from Growing Telehealth Cybersecurity Threats (Part 2)

Part one of this blog post describes a report that just came out about how hackers are increasingly targeting healthcare clinics through their telemedicine and telehealth platforms. As more clinics are using new (and sometimes unsecured) networks, devices, and software platforms to provide virtual care, it’s a ripe target for cybercriminals. Here are some things … Continued

Successfully Navigating the Rapid Transition to More Technology in Your Practice

Prior to March 2020, telemedicine and telehealth were certainly part of healthcare, but for most clinics, they were a very small part. The majority of care was happening face to face, and things like medication refills, patient-provider communication, and lab results reporting were happening through phone calls. In 2019 the Telehealth Index: 2019 Physician Survey … Continued

Protecting Your Practice from Growing Telehealth Cybersecurity Threats (Part 1)

A report released in early September from SecurityScorecard and DarkOwl found that telemedicine an telehealth systems are increasingly the targets of cybersecurity attacks. The recent events related to COVID-19 that caused millions of clinics to shut down and rapidly adopt telemedicine and telehealth solutions may even add to the risks. If your clinic has adopted … Continued

Questions Your Patients May Have About Telehealth (But Aren’t Asking You)

The rise of telehealth due to the pandemic has been unprecedented. However, with it being a relatively new platform — there are still a lot of patients who have questions that go unanswered. This may lead to some hesitation to try out telehealth in the first place, even when it’s the more convenient option for the patient. That said, we’ve listed a few common questions that your patients may have about telehealth, and how you can answer them.

The Benefits of E-Prescribing for High-Risk Patients During COVID-19

COVID-19 has presented a lot of challenges for clinical care, particularly for patients who are at very high risk of complications if they contract the virus. Many of these patients are foregoing even necessary care for chronic health conditions like heart disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure because they are concerned about going to a … Continued

3 Things You Should Stop Doing on Telemedicine Visits with Patients

Many providers recently transitioned from providing the vast majority of care as in-person appointments to offering almost all your clinical encounters online through telemedicine and virtual visits. The transition wasn’t exactly planned; it happened when the novel and highly transmissible coronavirus COVID-19 made it difficult and dangerous to see patients in your clinic. There are … Continued

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