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Transform how your front office engages with your patients


The AdvancedMD marketplace partner, Weave, is an extremely helpful communications platform that provides text, phone, email and more via desktop and mobile app. Weave helps your office build stronger relationships with patients and drive higher revenue. This is all easily implemented without your staff needing to learn new skills.

How it‘s done
Weave syncs with AdvancedPM to provide the patient’s information at the moment it’s needed. When the phone rings, the calling patient’s information, and the information of other patients in the family, is displayed on the computer desktop. This is done even before you answer the phone.

Benefits to you and your patients

  1. Create an optimal experience for your patients when staff knows who’s calling and doesn’t need to ask how to spell their name.
  2. It saves time. There’s no need to put a patient on hold to find their record, since they already have the information when the phone rings.
  3. A staff member can see if the patient has a set appointment or a recurring appointment that’s been missed or not scheduled. If not, they will see they need to set it while the patient is on the phone. No need to make any calls at a later time to reschedule.
  4. Set automatic reminder texts for all appointments, saving time and achieving a higher percentage show rate.
  5. Text back and forth with a patient from their desktop, as if they’re using a Smartphone. Patients appreciate this feature for quick messages, which increases patient satisfaction. Your staff isn’t required to use their personal Smartphone or office Smartphone to text. Texting is easily accomplished on a desktop keyboard.
  6. See outstanding balances owed during their conversations with patients. This saves time and the costs associated with following up with another call, email or mailed notice.
  7. The Smartphone app provides the same data, plus when you or your staff use the app to dial a patient’s number, the patient will see the office phone number on their caller ID. When setup to do so, a patient can reach the doctor on their cell phone simply by dialing the office number. Patients won’t need your personal phone number. This provides privacy that has been unavailable until now.

Recorded Webinar
Help your office quickly find patient accounts, easily identify missed revenue opportunities, end data retrieval tasks and reports on your office’s productivity. Learn more about Weave with this recorded presentation.

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See how the partnership between AdvancedMD and Weave can transform how you engage with your patients.

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