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Your EHR & Meaningful Use 2: Was it meant to be?

Many physicians and office administrators are wondering if the Meaningful Use Stage 2 guidelines set forth by CMS are achievable in their small practice anytime soon—if at all. In fact, only 50 eligible professionals had attested to MU Stage 2 requirements as of June 2014, according to the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services

3 ICD-10 truths every medical professional should know

Many medical professionals are thanking the universe for the postponement of the big ICD-10 switch. This provides independent practices the time they desperately need to prepare. However, there are holdouts who continue to believe there isn’t a need for the rollout at all.

While this change will require adapting to a new and more in-depth coding system, the criticisms of ICD-10 are speculative at best. Here you will find three misconceptions about ICD-10 debunked. 

5 mistakes to avoid when selecting an EHR

Finding the right electronic health record system is a decision that physicians can’t afford to get wrong. But, unfortunately, many healthcare providers have found themselves saddled with an EHR platform that just doesn’t meet their needs.

Private practices have financial pressures bearing down on them from every angle; EHR buyer’s remorse shouldn’t be one of them. To help you achieve a smooth implementation, we’ve compiled a list of the most common and costly pitfalls practices should avoid.

Celebrating Independent Private Practices Nationwide

The high cost of running a practice, the increased wave of patients along with a tsunami of government regulations have put enormous pressure on the private physician. Helping physicians stay in private practice, meet regulatory standards and provide state-of-the-art healthcare is the primary mission here at AdvancedMD where we serve more than 5,000 private practices nationwide and process more than 34 Million annually. Today, we are paying tribute to the independent physicians who continue to service their communities despite the obstacles.

Is fax a four-letter word in your office?

Most practices have formal processes in place to improve staff productivity and revenue capture. Yet one of the most overlooked, and quite possibly your lowest hanging fruit, is fixing your fax problem. Yes, you can say this out loud: “I have a fax problem!”.