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MU 2014 options for Stage 2 EPs using AdvancedMD

Now that AdvancedMD is a 2014 CEHRT EHR, we are striving to assist our clients who are EPs in meeting the interoperability pieces of MU. Through the remainder of 2014 we will be focused on enabling you to transmit immunization information to your state registries and submitting syndromic surveillance information to the CDC via public health agencies.

5 steps to a better work/life balance for physicians & staff

Every day healthcare providers are buried under piles of work—add on extra time spent implementing electronic health records, navigating Meaningful Use requirements and preparing for ICD-10, it may seem like there isn’t a moment to spare. And now, with the holiday season in full swing, private-practice physicians and staff are acutely aware of their time, or rather the lack thereof.

Insights from the MGMA 2014 Conference

Last week’s whirlwind, the 2014 Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) Conference in sunny Las Vegas, was one of our biggest this year. Here are some amazing takeaways from the #MGMA14 show that we’ll be diving into more deeply in the months to come: 

Your EHR & Meaningful Use 2: Was it meant to be?

Many physicians and office administrators are wondering if the Meaningful Use Stage 2 guidelines set forth by CMS are achievable in their small practice anytime soon—if at all. In fact, only 50 eligible professionals had attested to MU Stage 2 requirements as of June 2014, according to the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services

3 ICD-10 truths every medical professional should know

Many medical professionals are thanking the universe for the postponement of the big ICD-10 switch. This provides independent practices the time they desperately need to prepare. However, there are holdouts who continue to believe there isn’t a need for the rollout at all.

While this change will require adapting to a new and more in-depth coding system, the criticisms of ICD-10 are speculative at best. Here you will find three misconceptions about ICD-10 debunked.