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You need medical office software that allows you to do more…that’s why we built AdvancedMD

Medical office software

All-in-one solution

Replace 5+ systems with all-in-one medical software. Combining your technology solutions into one saves you from repetitive tasks like manually entering your patient data into separate systems. Plus, you no longer have to worry about separate clearinghouse contracts.

It pays for itself

Your investment pays for itself as your practice collects more revenue, faster. Our 95% first-pass claim processing guarantee pays wonderful dividends, not to mention all the workflow improvements and time savings across your entire practice.

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Free, automatic updates

As we release new products and features, you enjoy an effortless user experience. There is no software to install or maintain. All updates occur automatically for free which means every time you log in you’re running on the latest and greatest.

Anytime, anywhere access

Access your schedule, patient records and medical billing tools anytime and anywhere. Attend to tasks on the go with zero impact to your productivity — just as if you were in the office.

Quick & snappy software

In short, we leverage advanced online optimization techniques to make the software react as quickly as you work. We continually make significant investments in our network and delivery methods to ensure you’re getting the best performance possible. We’ve even included a way within the software to rate your system speed daily.

Backed up & secure

Backed up & secure

Gain peace of mind with hourly data backups that run automatically. Your data is safeguarded against potential threats or natural disasters because it’s stored offsite. Data is secured by military-grade encryption and redundancy.

Third-party integrations

More than 100 companies have utilized our APIs to integrate their technologies with our software. This allows us to provide an expanded set of value-added products and services. Included are major laboratories, transcription services, specialty EHRs, therapeutics networks and electronic prescription services. The benefits are virtually unlimited: avoid costly and time-consuming double entry, faxing and paper processing.

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