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Appointment Scheduling

Manage your time. See provider or full facility schedules or update availability statuses.

To-do lists

Access a list of your pending tasks so you can prioritize, organize and plan your time.

Electronic Prescribing

Manage refill orders or renewal requests and transmit scrips with a click.

Practice on the go.

Everything you need to chart now fits in your pocket.

More freedom, more access – all at the point of care.

One word: freedom. The AdvancedMD clinical app helps you stay in touch without having to stay at the office. Take your practice with you and start treating, scheduling and managing on your own terms, when and where you choose. It’s the smart, secure way to gain more latitude, more time and more convenience. Best of all, AdvancedMD gives you a HIPAA secure and compliant environment.

Technology that keeps you on the move.

AdvancedMD clinical app is free with AdvancedMD EHR, the industry-leading EHR system. Our EHR also features ePrescribing, immunization reporting and specialty templates that are designed to improve clinical outcomes. We help you chart, capture data & report without a single piece of paper. Industry-leading security create a safe, HIPAA-compliant way to manage patient data on the go.

For even more flexibility, choose the AdvancedMD Rhythm suite. It’s the only comprehensive medical software platform that integrates the EHR with our patient experience and medical billing systems. Put some Rhythm in your practice and see how a single, seamless system helps you drive efficiency, revenue and referrals.

Access health records on the iPad and iPhone

Rhythm Workflow Features



Create New Patients
Manage Schedules
Message Staff & Patients
Allergy On-demand Video Training
Manage Rooming
Import Histories
Speech-to-text Dictation
Document Encounter
Create Subnotes
Capture Charges
Capture & View Documents
Manage Prescriptions
Prescribe Controlled Substances
Order Labs & Review Results
Manage Allergy Lists
Manage Problem Lists
Clinical Decision Support
Manage Patient Education
Manage Immunizations
Graph Growth Charts
Host Telemedicine Visits
Smart Dashboard Coming Soon
Review Bin iPad only