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It’s all here: technology, expertise, convenience & more revenue.

We take care of your revenue cycle management, you sit back & enjoy the profits.

Get the technology. It’s all included. It’s all integrated.

Expert revenue cycle management services come with our award-winning front office, clinical & patient engagement solutions. Outsource to us, work smarter, save time & see more revenue.

Claims Management

Our team handles each claim from start to finish, including first and secondary filings, follow up on unpaid claims and processing exclusions, denials and appeals.

Payments & Posting

We do the legwork to put more money in your pocket. Let our billing experts process, match and post payments while you take care of running your practice.

Full Integration

RCM includes integrated scheduling, EHR and Mobile apps, so you can access all practice data from a single location, anytime.

Unmatched Flexibility

We offer revenue cycle management for every stage of your practice and let you switch between in-house and outsourced billing as needs change.

Technology you & your patients will love.

RCM is the headache-free, hassle-free revenue cycle management solution. We help you create a high-tech practice that will help improve patient engagement & experience.

Hassle-free technology, no hidden fees. Just more revenue.

Our rate is competitive and highly affordable as you gain a team of expert revenue cycle management personnel and technologies that can scale as your needs fluctuate. We give you clinical flexibility with the AdvancedMD EHR or any other EHR you may want to stay with. Charge capture is simple, fast and integrated for seamless, real-time data flow.

We don’t nickel and dime you for using support or any of our technology features. Our medical billing experts and technology do the heavy lifting and help you drive more revenue so you can focus on what’s important: your patients and your practice.

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Revenue-driving tools.

RCM is just one way we help you collect more. We leverage industry-leading claims scrubbing, financial reporting and business intelligence as part of our total package to ensure your collections are not only competitive, but industry-leading (because we know you love money). It’s the simple way to see more profits without seeing more hassles.

For even more convenience and expertise, check out the AdvancedMD cloud suite. It’s the only all-in-one medical software platform that includes every front office, clinical and patient experience tool you need to run your practice. Think about how much time and money you can save if your entire practice is integrated into a single, seamless platform.

Learn how to identify financial opportunities & drive revenue.

Free ebooks, webinars & product videos with tips to help you maximize your profit margin.

Best practices to improve patient payments

This 11-page PDF is our definitive patient payment collections guide. Originally released in 2014, this quintessential compilation of best-practices is our third edition (released in 2022) and has consistently been...
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RCM Overview Video

Watch this 1:41 video for a high-level overview of our RCM services bundle, including medical billing services and software. We share our partnership philosophy that includes the AdvancedMD technology you...
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Patient Engagement Demo

Watch this video to see how our patient engagement platform delivers easy-to-use tools for patient communication and friendly engagement between your office and patients. Our patient engagement platform is unified...
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Why You’ll Love the AdvancedMD Cloud

When you select our cloud medical office software you gain a partnership with a financially stable company, access to the latest technology, stellar support and unparalleled security for the independent...
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“The money I have invested in AdvancedMD is miniscule compared to the return. I have never been more efficient – ever – in my professional life as I am now.”

Jed Shay, MD
The Pain Care Center

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“[Our] patients are very well-educated and well-informed, and they want to see results quickly. The practice has to run extremely efficiently and be accessible to them. The nice thing about [AdvancedMD] is it has allowed me to be more efficient both in and out of the office. Now I don’t have to come back into the office, which is great for my family and everything else. It saves me a lot of time – probably an hour a day on the three days I work in the second office.”

Keith Berkowitz, MD
Center for Balanced Health

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Estaban Lavato, MD - La Loma Medical Center

“The best thing I ever did in private practice was getting AdvancedMD—it has liberated me.”

Estaban Lavato, MD
La Loma Medical Center

“Having integrated practice management and EHR is absolutely wonderful, you don’t have to flip back and forth between systems—all of your information is at hand when needed.”

Raju Raval, MD

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