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Why EPCS is the better choice:

ePrescribing software safeguards you in ways paper prescribing can’t. Robust security measures, detailed reporting and increased visibility protect your patients and practice

Two-Factor Authentication

Use a personal passphrase and secure token to easily complete the DEA-required, two-factor authentication.

Security Validation

Access all prescription requests to verify they have been reviewed and signed by authorized prescribers.

One-Click Signing

Review and electronically sign prescription requests with just a click, even when out of the office.

Audit History

Say goodbye to piles of paperwork. EPCS automatically maintains a full DEA audit history.

How can AdvancedEPCS help your practice?

Prescribe securely, report to state and federal agencies and meet Meaningful Use requirements – all without doing any extra work.

More simplicity, more security.

EPCS is designed to help you save time while still meeting state and federal regulations for prescribing controlled substances. This ePrescribing software offers the convenience of one-click signing and automated data management combined with the security of powerful authentication and validation tools. It’s the best of both worlds – and it’s the better choice for your practice.

Cyber Security

The software that safeguards your whole practice.

EPCS is available with several of our bundles, including EHR, the industry-leading, customizable EHR software. EHR software helps you improve clinical outcomes by automating your immunization reporting, population health management, Meaningful Use attestation and more. Say goodbye to data discrepancies.

The superior support doesn’t stop there. EHR is part of the AdvancedMD cloud suite, the only comprehensive software platform that also includes our patient experience and medical billing systems. You get everything you need to run your practice within a single, seamless platform. A simple solution providing quality performance.

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