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Population health management: all the notifications, alerts, protocols, and reminders you need to improve patient care.

Interoperable, customizable healthcare management tools designed to enhance your continuity of care

Healthcare Plans

Build custom healthcare plans to manage specific conditions based on factors like age, sex, lab results and diagnosis.

Patient Auto-alerts

Auto-generated prescription refill, lab order and appointment alerts keep patients more engaged in their healthcare.

Plan Assignment

Assign healthcare plans and protocols to an individual patient or group of patients that share similar medical factors.

Transition of Care

Ensure better continuity of care across providers by sharing patient information with hospitals or other practices.

Healthcare Analytics

Use built-in healthcare analytics tools to evaluate the efficacy of your healthcare processes and clinical outcomes.

Health Data Submission

Electronically transmit patient population health data to immunization, public health and cancer registries.

Population health management notifications & automation are integral to your model of care.

What can you do with software designed to improve clinical outcomes with automated procceses? You can offer better treatment, more patient engagement and healthcare plans that bring optimum results.

The resources that improve your clinical outcomes.

Continuity of Care is integral to your success. That’s why our health management notifications are designed to help you stay on top of your patient care so you can provide better treatment in every way possible. Auto-alerts and custom healthcare plans keep patients engaged and following treatment plans, while an interoperable platform makes it easy to monitor and trend patient population health. It’s the simple way to provide consistent, quality care – because that’s what your practice is all about.

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