Billing business features

Offer your clients an all-in-one centralized billing solution
that compliments your portfolio of services

centralized billing

Software for you & your clients

When you choose AdvancedMD, you and your clients gain the power and simplicity of using the same tools. Your clients can optimize their schedules, streamline checkin and out while you can improve billing and pursue every dollar. Plus, you both can take advantage of powerful reporting tools.

centralized billing

EHR is now your ally

Integrated, straightforward and powerful, EHR by AdvancedMD is part of our all-in-one medical software suite. You can rapidly deploy clinical technologies to clients whenever they are ready. This will help them achieve meaningful use and improve clinical workflow with faster charge capture to help your billing process start faster. 

Capture stimulus dollars

Provide your clients with tangible financial rewards by offering our EHR to help them chart patients faster and qualify for maximum stimulus dollars while receiving your valued billing services.

Seamless charge capture

Enable seamless user experience and data exchange between scheduling, charting and billing. When your physician’s enter charges you see them automatically—even when they use the FREE iPad app.


Drive business intelligence as a competitive advantage of your centralized billing service. This quintessential reporting suite offers a 360-degree view of your clients’ financial performance. In seconds capture and share the right data and understand that data through elegant and meaningful reports and dashboards. Learn more about AdvancedInsight.

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Leverage a value proposition that dwarfs your competitors


Provide financial insight that clients can’t live without


Drive operational efficiencies within your billing service

Sales support

We are not your typical software vendor. We are your partner. Our dedicated team of talented sales professionals work along side you, helping your billing service attract and retain clients. We assist in product demos, co-selling and more. Use our marketing resource library to compliment your value-added services.

Solid infrastructure

AdvancedMD customers accross the nation rely on our cloud platform to operate their businesses. We have built our cloud tools to be fast, secure and reliable with high, guaranteed uptimes backed by uparalelled support.

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