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AdvancedMD expands Rhythm suite with unified advanced patient reminder technology

South Jordan, UT – May 22, 2018 – AdvancedMD, the pioneer of Rhythm™, a unified cloud platform of smart clinical, billing and patient applications that automate tasks for all roles in the practice and patients, announced the all-new AdvancedReminders will now be included in the new Rhythm platform, to improve patient engagement and satisfaction while cutting out administrative time for the front office staff.“We all know missed appointments interrupt patient flow and decrease practice revenue, but more importantly, impact patient health,” said Arman Samani, AdvancedMD CTO. “These upgrades are designed to help providers see more patients without the extra effort typically performed by front desk personnel to get patients into the office or to engage in a telemedicine visit at the scheduled time.”

The all-new AdvancedReminders is now included in the new Rhythm platform, and fully unified with all areas of AdvancedMD for seamless workflow.

  • Voice reminders can be sent automatically in addition to text & email
  • Spanish language is supported for all reminder types
  • Templates can be used for any appointment type
  • Custom tokens can be used to create a highly personal experience
  • Frequency can be customized by date & time
  • Set frequency priorities based on your unique patient demographic mix
  • Patients can confirm & cancel appointments
  • Print message type & status as well as contact info & appointment information
  • A master log of all your communications across the Rhythm platform shows appointment reminders, reputation management surveys, online scheduling & telemedicine requests as well as patient forms
  • Triggers deploy an alert to confirm a scheduled appointment from a traditional inbound phone call, patient portal & online patient self-scheduling

“AdvancedReminders has been wonderful. We no longer draw straws over who has to make the labor-intensive phone calls every morning to remind and confirm hundreds of patients about their upcoming appointments. Processes in AdvancedMD send text, email and phone messages automatically. We even get notified of cancelations with enough time to fill empty timeslots. Our Hispanic population will respond very well to the personal touch the Spanish messages offer. My team in charge of the daily confirmations is very pleased because they can now focus time to more meaningful projects,” said an owner of an eleven-physician ophthalmology practice in Draper, Utah.

Access these resources:

Learn more in this 2-minute video demo
Technical product sheet: www.advancedmd.com/learn/advancedreputation
Website: www.advancedmd.com/patient/appointment-reminders

About AdvancedMD

AdvancedMD strives to be the community of choice for independent providers by delivering an integrated workflow and personalized service to ensure the health of every practice and their patients. AdvancedMD Rhythm, the company’s complete integrated suite of cloud solutions includes electronic health records, practice management, patient relationship management, telemedicine, business analytics reporting, and physician-performance benchmarking all backed by expert practice advocates. AdvancedMD also offers full service revenue cycle management and serves an expansive national footprint of more than 27,000 practitioners across 8,500 practices and 600 medical billing companies. Visit www.advancedmd.com.


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“The best thing I ever did in private practice was getting AdvancedMD—it has liberated me.”

Estaban Lavato, MD
La Loma Medical Center

“Other companies made their offers, but they required so much more money up front, I’ve seen a lot of different systems in my 18 years in billing. If you are looking for an easy-to-learn, cost-effective solution, AdvancedMD is your answer.”

Gloria Johnson
Billing manager

“Having complete, complex reports right at your fingertips is invaluable to your practice’s health–it’s charting waters to these uncertain business times.”

Ron Rosenberg, PA
Practice Management Resource Group

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“If we are waiting for a delivery or in between surgeries, we can log in, check messages or patient information and send electronic prescriptions as needed. Mobility is a good thing, and certainly being able to coordinate care with our patients from multiple locations is definitely a plus.”

Lisbeth Chang, MD
Sunrise Women’s Medical Group

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