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AdvancedMD Rolls Out Patient Preferred Name Changes Feature, Payor Contractual Reimbursement Tracking & More

The company’s latest product release includes a total of 35 updates to its practice management, patient engagement, EHR and mobile software solutions.

South Jordan, Utah, November 17, 2022AdvancedMD, a provider of healthcare software for independent medical, mental health, and physical therapy practices, has released its 2022 Fall product update that includes 35 new features added to its suite of all-in-one medical office and remote care cloud software. Aiming to provide more unified and smoother workflow capabilities, the company has rolled out a myriad of functions that enable improved communication with patients, payors, and partners. Among the most anticipated updates are enhancements to its practice management, patient engagement, EHR and mobile capabilities.

With this latest release, medical office staff will now be able to implement patient preferred name changes within patient demographics, send clinical notes, images, labs, and diagnostics directly to carriers, track payor contractual reimbursements, and more.

“Medical office staff need all the help they can get to navigate today’s complex healthcare systems. Everyone wants what is best for their patients, but it’s difficult to provide an exceptional patient experience when there are so many factors at play within the patient-physician relationship,” said Amanda Hansen, President, AdvancedMD. “As a cloud-based medical office software solution, our primary goal is to give healthcare professionals the tools they need to build a more effective, well-functioning practice. We make it a priority to listen to our users and build solutions that address their biggest needs. The extensive list of updates included in our latest product release underscores just how much attention we give to the details of running a medical practice.”

While the full list of product release notes involve 35 updates in all, the most anticipated new features include:

  • Patient Preferred Name Changes: Patient-facing staff can now save, view, and use a patient’s preferred name within AdvancedMD patient demographics. The preferred name can also be found in patient search, scheduling, the patient portal, appointment reminders, mobile, and clinical notes.
  • Unsolicited Claim Attachments: Medical office staff can now directly send documents with a claim to carriers, including clinical notes, images, labs, and diagnostics. This feature also allows office staff to attach documents from all “Charge Entry” and “Edit” screens by importing, scanning, and selecting documents from “Chart Files,” saving admin staff significant amount of time and work. The status of attachments is now available within the “Claim Attachments” screen for easy tracking.
  • Payor Contractual Reimbursement Tracking: The write-off calculation on all payment screens has been enhanced to include ERAs, making it easier to ensure the expected payment collection amounts. This feature enables medical office staff to control how the write-off is calculated, either by allowed amount or by expected amount. It also includes a specific RARC (payment reason code) to more easily track under or over payments.
  • Auto-accept Consent Forms: The forms template builder now includes the ability for consent and intake forms to auto-accept after completed by a patient, removing the need for manual acceptance. Once a patient completes a consent or intake form, it automatically uploads to the patient chart.
  • Growth Charts in Vitals Card: The Vitals Card, which was released as part of the AdvancedMD 2022 Summer Product Release, now includes Growth Charts and percentile data for pediatrics. Medical offices can use this feature to monitor patient growth using WHO and CDC standards. The Presentation Mode feature makes it possible to share graphs with patient guardians and patients in the office.
  • ePA on Pharmacy Request Donut: This new feature enables medical offices to follow up on important Electronic Prior Authorization (ePA) tasks using the Pharmacy Requests donut embedded within the dashboard, giving visibility into outstanding prior patient authorizations and direct access to the ePA Accelerator.

Led by the company’s product engineering team, these updates are part of the AdvancedMD Fall 2022 release schedule and are available to all clients of the AdvancedMD suite of cloud-based medical office solutions.

“Our team of engineers have spent months ensuring these latest updates provide true value to our customers. We are constantly working to improve our solution so that physicians and their medical office staff can do more with less,” said Tim Costantino, VP and Head of Product, AdvancedMD. “We are a company committed to providing the best possible technology to the industry we serve. The extensive list of updates we’ve rolled out this quarter proves just how dedicated we are to improving medical office workflows and helping boost the patient experience.”

View the full list of product updates at: AdvancedMD 2022 Fall Product Release.

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Jed Shay, MD
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Keith Berkowitz, MD
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