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2022 MIPS IA

Got a handle on your MIPS Improvement Activities (IA) categories for 2022? To help, we’ve outlined the MIPS Performance Categories for 2022 and assembled them in a short 4-page overview. Learn the IAs and how they impact your MIPS final score. We provide a handy checklist to track and manage your IAs for 2022. What’s … Continued

MACRA Quality Guide 2022

Just because you are new to MACRA and MIPS doesn’t mean you need to feel like a novice. The MACRA experts at AdvancedMD have produced this free Quality Beginner’s Guide in our MACRA Survival Series to help you succeed.

MIPS Attestation 2022

New users to QPP.CMS.GOV – Register now for a HARP Account If you have never signed into QPP.CMS.GOV, you will need to register with HARP to obtain the necessary credentials to log in. This should take 5-15 minutes depending on how quickly your identity can be verified. HARP works with Experian for this process. Download … Continued

MIPS Highlights for 2022

The MACRA experts at AdvancedMD have produced this free guide in our MACRA Survival Series to help you understand the MIPS highlights for year 6. This step-by-step guide is designed to walk you through key elements of MIPS. Within MIPS Performance Categories for 2022, 30% of the weight is focused on Quality, 25% of Promoting … Continued


Learn the most common acronyms used in the MACRA final rule. More than 75 of the key acronyms are defined.

MACRA/MIPS 2021 Overview: What you need to know in 5 minutes

MACRA and MIPS are important parts of the overall compensation picture for many physicians. And yet, this complicated program, with all its moving parts and abundant acronyms, can be daunting and confusing. In an attempt to clear some of the fog, we created this guide, designed to address in simple, clear language the fundamental questions … Continued

Right of Access Rule & HIPAA

When we discuss HIPAA most of the articles have been on security and breaches, but HIPAA goes well beyond privacy and security. One aspect of the HIPAA rule is the “Right of Access”. OCR (The Office for Civil Rights – the branch of HHS the enforces HIPAA) is enforcing this law even more strongly since … Continued

MIPS 2020 It’s Not Too Late

The MIPS Final Score needs to be at least 45 points to avoid a negative penalty in 2022 payments or you need to apply for Exceptions/Hardships for one or more categories. We created a down-and-dirty desk guide to help you better understand all the in’s and out’s of what you can still do for MIPS in 2020. … Continued

It’s Not Too Late for MIPS 2020

This recorded webinar includes details about the actions you must take NOW to help you get your best MIPS score in 2020 and was followed by a great Q&A session. The longer you wait to take action—the harder it will be to avoid a penalty in 2022.

MIPS Performance Categories for 2020 eGuide

We’ve outlined the MIPS Performance Categories for 2020 and assembled them in a short 2-page overview. Learn the Improvement Activities (IA) and how they impact your MIPS final score. We provide a handy checklist to track and manage your IAs for 2020. What’s inside: Latest MIPs Performance Categories for 2020 How points are awarded and … Continued

2020 MIPS PI Category Guide

How are you doing with your 2020 MIPS PI category? PI is 25% of your final score and it’s not too late to start. Download this to-do list.

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