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Medical Billing & Coding Software for Cardiologists

The financial health of your practice is one of the most important aspects of care, but spending too much time poring over financial reports and analyzing data can take away from patient care. We make it easy to focus on both, with simplified billing and coding tools that:

  • Streamline the coding and billing process
  • Minimize data errors that lead to denied claims
  • Improve first-pass resolution rates and patient collection capabilities
  • Automate tasks that used to take up a lot of your staff’s time
  • Provide a secure solution to protect your financial data
  • Offer advanced reporting tools for in-depth insights into your practice finances

Cardiology Billing & Coding Software | AdvancedMD

Streamline the entire billing process from start to finish

One of the key indicators of the financial health of a practice is your ability to get claims out the door in a timely manner so you can get reimbursed for the care you provide. Cardiology clinics that struggle to process claims and submit them for payment often find that the longer it takes to get those claims out, the less likely you will collect the full amount you are owed.

Other costly mistakes include not following up on denied claims in a timely manner, and not having a system in place to bill patients for the amount they owe based on their deductible and out-of-pocket maximums for the year. As more of the burden of paying for healthcare shifts from insurance to patients (with high deductible health plans or uninsured patients) it’s critical that you have the financial tools to collect from both payers and patients.

AdvancedMD makes it easier to get claims out the door of your cardiology practice with several features that streamline the medical coding and billing process, including:

  • A fully integrated database with patient demographic information, insurance information, and all the necessary information from the exam or procedure
  • Access to the most updated ICD-10, HCPCS, and CPT codes
  • Simple search tools to find commonly used codes, rather than search through tens of thousands of codes to find the ones your team needs
  • Claims tracking to follow each claim as it makes its way to a payer and eventually to reimbursement
  • Worklists to help your staff follow up on denied claims or errors
  • Online tools to send outstanding invoices to patients for the portion they are responsible to pay, and allow them to make payments online

Cardiology Billing & Coding Software | AdvancedMD

Submit clean cardiology medical billing claims every time

Cardiology practices that don’t get paid the full reimbursement amount they are owed will struggle to maintain a healthy bottom line. One of the most common reasons that practices miss out on reimbursements is errors that lead to claims denials. Some studies reveal that as many as 50% of denied claims are never reworked, which could represent thousands of dollars in lost revenue every year for your cardiology practice.

The easiest way to correct this issue is with software tools that help you submit clean claims so you don’t have to worry about denials. AdvancedMD offers multiple software features that help your clinic get error-free claims out the door quickly.

Frequent billing code updates

We keep your software updated with any changes to billing codes so you are always selecting from the most current list of cardiology codes to submit to payers. Using incorrect or expired codes, or coding to a lower level of specificity means missed revenue opportunities. There are tens of thousands of billing codes, and they are updated every year when the World Health Organization makes changes to the International Classification of Diseases system (ICD).

Automatic insurance verification

AdvancedMD makes it easy to automatically verify every insurance plan at the time of scheduling, then again before the patient’s appointment. This helps your team find and correct insurance plan changes or errors that might otherwise trigger a denied claim. They can contact the patient before the appointment to get the correct or most updated insurance plan information so it’s accurate when it goes to your billing team.

Fewer data transfer errors

Data transfer is one of the most common ways that your staff can inadvertently introduce errors into the claims process. When you are using a system that is not integrated with a single shared database, staff members have to manually download and upload data from one system to another, or type it in by hand. Both of these methods can result in data loss or errors, and incorrect information in your billing software when it comes time to submit a claim. Even a small error in the patient’s social security number, insurance ID, or address can lead to claim denial. With a fully integrated system you get a shared database so all the patient demographics and encounter information is pulled directly into the billing system without any opportunity for errors.

Claims scrubbing services

Our software includes the most advanced Clearinghouse services to check claims for accuracy before they go out. It inspects for more than 3.5 million potential errors in claims, and flags anything that might be a problem when the claim goes out to payers. Your team gets a simple worklist to address flagged items and quickly move claims through your system. The system includes payer-specific information and requirements so you can make sure you include all the relevant details as required by CMS (Medicare and Medicaid) as well as commercial insurance. These services result in one of the highest first-pass resolution rates in the industry.

Claims Review

Give supervisors a chance to check claims quickly before they go out as well with our Claims Review tools. Review claims in batches and check for common errors, then approve them with a single click. Double-check the work of new billing and coding team members to avoid a higher rate of claims denials. You can also bypass the claims check process for experienced employees or those with low error rates to get those claims out the door even faster.

Extensive reporting

AdvancedMD also includes reporting features with advanced analytics and easy-to-read formats. Use our predesigned templates for the most common financial reports or create your own, and have them sent to the inbox of your key stakeholders at regular intervals. The right reporting tools will help you discover strengths and weaknesses in your billing and finances to improve your practice health.

Worklists for denied claims

Even the best software system won’t be able to eliminate all denied claims, so our software helps you find and work those claims that do get rejected or denied. When that happens your team will get a simple priority worklist to address the issues and resubmit those claims for processing. About half of claims that are denied are never reworked, and if that is happening at your practice now you are missing out on significant revenue opportunities. Make it easier to address denied claims, even if you have a small billing staff, with AdvancedMD medical billing and coding software for cardiology clinics.

Get more out of your cardiology billing & coding software

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“The money I have invested in AdvancedMD is miniscule compared to the return. I have never been more efficient – ever – in my professional life as I am now.”

Jed Shay, MD
The Pain Care Center

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“[Our] patients are very well-educated and well-informed, and they want to see results quickly. The practice has to run extremely efficiently and be accessible to them. The nice thing about [AdvancedMD] is it has allowed me to be more efficient both in and out of the office. Now I don’t have to come back into the office, which is great for my family and everything else. It saves me a lot of time – probably an hour a day on the three days I work in the second office.”

Keith Berkowitz, MD
Center for Balanced Health

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Estaban Lavato, MD - La Loma Medical Center

“The best thing I ever did in private practice was getting AdvancedMD—it has liberated me.”

Estaban Lavato, MD
La Loma Medical Center

“Having integrated practice management and EHR is absolutely wonderful, you don’t have to flip back and forth between systems—all of your information is at hand when needed.”

Raju Raval, MD

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