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The right EHR and EMR software is one of the most important purchases for an independent or small group psychiatry practice. Choosing the right software can help you streamline patient encounters and make it easier for your providers to offer exceptional mental health care. With AdvancedMD you get all the features you would expect from software systems built for large hospital psychiatry practices or large group practices, but it’s customized to meet the needs that are specific to your smaller psychiatry clinic.

Templates for treating common mental health conditions

Psychiatry professionals often see a wide range of patients for many different conditions. You can make charting for these visits easier by using our customizable templates specific to the types of things you often see patients for in your clinic. We offer several predesigned templates for common conditions, including:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Bipolar disorders
  • Eating disorders
  • Post-traumatic stress
  • Insomnia and other sleep problems
  • Schizophrenia
  • Addictions, and many other common conditions

Or you can create your own templates for other conditions that you see in your practice that are unique to your area or your patient population.

Psychiatry EHR/EMR Software | AdvancedMD

Customized & complex treatment plans

Most mental health treatment plans are complex and involve many different aspects of care. With AdvancedMD you get the most comprehensive software to build psychiatry treatment plans and follow up with patients over time. You can include important information related to their therapies, medications, socioeconomic situations, and care they get from other mental health or medical providers in the plan.

Intake forms specific to your practice needs

Capture all the relevant information about your patients when they arrive for an appointment with customizable intake forms. Most EHRs are built for a wide range of medical specialties and practices, which means you have to deal with a lot of information that is not specific to your clinic needs—that can lead to missing information or gaps in the patient’s chart if you don’t collect the right information. The AdvancedMD system includes templates specific to the needs of a psychiatry patient, including suicide risk, depression screenings, and other information important to give to your staff and providers about each person.

Psychiatry EHR/EMR Software | AdvancedMD

Hands-free notes during each appointment

Keep your focus on your patients during each encounter, but still get all the information you need for ongoing care and medical coding and billing. The hands-free features in our EHR give you flexibility to maintain eye contact and discuss all your patient’s concerns and needs without missing any of the important information in their chart.

Customized alerts for each patient

Get alerts that help you provide better care for each of your patients. The advanced algorithms in our software take into account multiple different pieces of information and give you the most comprehensive alerts system available. Get alerts about important screenings, preventive care, medication interactions, and more with AdvancedMD.

Medication management

Get patients the medication they need for their mental health conditions, and avoid dangerous medication interactions or errors with AdvancedMD. We make it easy for you to see all the medications someone is taking, get alerts about potential interactions, and even prescribe directly from the software so you can avoid all the paperwork and hassles of written prescriptions. You can also check controlled substance databases with a single click to ensure compliance.

Full integration with external systems

Many patients see more than one provider, and with AdvancedMD you can easily coordinate their care among multiple specialists. You can also coordinate care among your own mental health facilities if you offer different types of care, such as:

  • Crisis mental health treatment
  • Inpatient care facilities
  • Outpatient treatment options

Easily share data from the patient’s chart with other providers in a hospital or emergency room, and easily receive data back about their care when they have to see other providers in other settings. AdvancedMD also integrates with lab facilities and imaging to quickly provide results when you send patients for bloodwork, diagnostic tests, and more.

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Extensive Reporting Features

We make it easy to find information in your EHR with a comprehensive suite of reporting solutions. You can use it for your own internal purposes to identify specific needs of your patient population or improve patient workflows and care in your clinic. You can also use it to satisfy reporting requirements for programs like MIPS and MACRA.

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“The money I have invested in AdvancedMD is miniscule compared to the return. I have never been more efficient – ever – in my professional life as I am now.”

Jed Shay, MD
The Pain Care Center

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“[Our] patients are very well-educated and well-informed, and they want to see results quickly. The practice has to run extremely efficiently and be accessible to them. The nice thing about [AdvancedMD] is it has allowed me to be more efficient both in and out of the office. Now I don’t have to come back into the office, which is great for my family and everything else. It saves me a lot of time – probably an hour a day on the three days I work in the second office.”

Keith Berkowitz, MD
Center for Balanced Health

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Estaban Lavato, MD - La Loma Medical Center

“The best thing I ever did in private practice was getting AdvancedMD—it has liberated me.”

Estaban Lavato, MD
La Loma Medical Center

“Having integrated practice management and EHR is absolutely wonderful, you don’t have to flip back and forth between systems—all of your information is at hand when needed.”

Raju Raval, MD

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