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NueMD Summer 2019 Newsletter: New President

NueMD an AdvancedMD company


Amanda Hansen | AdvancedMD

We’re pleased to announce that Amanda Hansen has been appointed president of AdvancedMD. Amanda’s appointment comes at a pivotal time for AdvancedMD. Her depth of industry knowledge, thoughtful and effective leadership, passion to improve patient care and vast experience within the company will make positive changes to help you accomplish your goals, make AdvancedMD easier to do business with and to take AdvancedMD to new heights to provide even better technologies and services.

Amanda was most recently vice-president of strategy and business development and has held multiple positions in sales, service and finance during her 13-year tenure at AdvancedMD. She has produced a host of professional accomplishments that can be seen throughout her job history. Her competitive edge, positive outlook and solution-oriented approach have made a noticeable impact on the vision, direction and achievements of AdvancedMD.

Congratulations Amanda!



Dear valued NueMD client:

I’m grateful for the opportunity to serve as president of AdvancedMD. Since I was involved in the acquisition of NueMD last year, I’m excited to have a more intimate role with you. In fact, we are all excited to have NueMD join our ever-growing family at AdvancedMD. This growth allows us to provide additional technologies and services to you, your practice and your patients. The NueMD personnel in Marietta are enjoying newly-updated offices and we’re fortunate to add some outstanding and talented people to our organization.

I believe that transparency is the best way to run a business. We’ve received some questions about the future of NueMD, so I think this is the right time to clarify. Simply put, NueMD is not going anywhere. If you’re currently on the NueMD platform, we will continue to offer the highest quality support for your ongoing success.

As an alternative, there have been a high number of NueMD practices and billing services that have switched to the AdvancedMD Rhythm platform. Rhythm offers more expansive products, including time-saving financial dashboards, claims scrubbing, a robust EHR with an extensive template library, easy to understand claims errors and billing software, and proprietary technologies like telemedicine, in-depth analytics and reputation management.

Our growth as a company allows us to provide better technologies and better services to you, your practice and your patients. We’re fortunate to have a user conference like never before, so I want to personally invite you to Evo from October 2-5 at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort in Walt Disney World, Florida.

Although we’re overwhelmed with the number of registrants thus far, this is your conference and we want as many people from your practice there as possible. You’ll enjoy a well-rounded educational experience that is designed to help you become internal experts to run your practice more efficiently. The Expert Hall is a conference highlight that pays for the conference by itself. It will be filled with knowledgeable staff from support, professional services, implementation, and product development teams to answer all your questions about NueMD or introduce you to the capabilities of AdvancedMD. This complementary time would normally be priced at $250/hr, but you can get all the help you need for free, as part of your conference pass.

Please accept a $450 credit for anyone in your practice to attend. Use the discount code NueMD450. Learn more & register. Please contact support or [email protected] with any questions. See what happened at Evo18.

Thank you for your support and for being an integral part of the AdvancedMD family. Please forward this newsletter to everyone in your office.


Amanda Hansen


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