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AdvancedInsight (PM)

Additional AdvancedInsight Data Points

We have enhanced AdvancedInsight with additional data points to provide more flexibility when creating financial trending reports and dashboards. These data points offer additional components in the Charge Code, Facility, and Metrics – Secondary folders.

The following data points are now available:

  • Charge Code folder
    • RVU
  • Facility folder
    • Facility Alias
  • Metrics – Secondary folder
    • Expected Amount

AdvancedPatient (PM)

Patient Forms – Accept Declined to Sign Consent Forms

You can now accept a consent form that a patient has declined to sign and attach it to the patient’s record in PM and EHR for internal auditing.

Carriers (PM)

Tax ID per Carrier Master File – New Feature

Now, you can use the new Alt Tax ID field in ID screens to tie alternate tax IDs to carriers for professional and institutional providers and groups. Setting tax IDs based on carriers can simplify the process of associating tax ID numbers to claims.

Tie an Alt Tax ID to a Carrier for a Group or Provider

After you create an alternate tax ID profile in the Tax ID per Carrier master file, you can tie it to a carrier associated with professional and institutional providers and groups from their respective ID screens.

  1. Click the IDs button.
  2. Click the Alt Tax ID ellipsis.
  3. Search for an existing alternate tax ID.
  4. Double-click to select the alternate tax ID or click OK.
  5. On the IDs screen, click Save.

Claims Center (PM)

Claim Inspector – Filter Claims

You can now filter claims in a selected batch with the new filters on the Claim Inspector tab in the Claims Center:

  • Date Range– Filter by a date range. If you select a From Date but leave the To Date blank, charges display from the set From Date to the current date.
  • Carrier – Filter by a primary carrier.
  • Charge Limit – Set the number of charges you want to view at a time from 1-3000. If a visit has multiple charges, all charges display for that visit regardless of the value set in the Charge Limit field.
  • For example, you set the Charge Limit to 5. The first visit has three charges, and all three charges display. The next visit has four charges. All charges for both visits display, totaling seven charges.

Payment Entry Center (PM)

We are happy to announce that we have enhanced the Payment Entry Center screen and added new payment entry functionality, as requested by users.

  • Screen Enhancements
    • Streamlined transaction grid design.
    • Visit/Claim # field only displays visits with payment balances.
    • Date field auto-formatting.
    • Remaining Field renamed EOB Remaining.
  • New Payment Entry Functionality
    • Apply a payment to multiple visits (Insurance and Patient tabs).
    • Associate an Unapplied Payment to a specific visit (Patient tab).
      • Added Visit# column in Unapplied Payments grid.

Additionally, we have incorporated the following legacy functionality in the Payment Entry Center:

  • Added a Remaining balance field in the payment screen.
  • Units field added to the Payment Reasons Grid.
  • The Show All Items check box is added to the Unapplied Payments grid.
  • Unapplied Write-offs now display in the Unapplied Payments grid.
  • Disbursal Method now defaults to Oldest to Newest on the Responsible Party tab.

Screen Enhancements

Streamlined Transaction Grid Design

We have added color coding to the new transaction grid design to separate non-editable visit fields from payment fields and write-off fields. As you move your cursor around the grid, selected transaction line item displays with a blue background to sharpen visual focus.

Visit/Claim # Field Only Displays Visits with Balances

To improve workflow, the Visits/Claim# drop-down field now only displays visits with balances. To retrieve a visit with a zero dollar balance, enter the visit number in the search field.

Date Field Auto-Formatting

The Payment Entry screen now auto formats entered date numbers and displays a two-digit day and month, and a four-digit year. For example, 11/12/2020.

Remaining Field Renamed EOB Remaining

We have changed the name of the Remaining field in the EOB section of the Insurance payment tab, to EOB Remaining, to distinguish it from the new Remaining balance field in the Payment Entry screen.

New Payment Entry Functionality

Apply a Payment to Multiple Visits

You can now enter one payment and split the payment between multiple visits in the transaction grid.

  1. Select Patient or Insurance tab.
  2. Select a patient.
  3. Click Visit/Claim#. The select Visit/Claim# drop-down displays the multi-select dialog.
  4. Press the CTRL key on your keyboard, and select visits. Press the Enter or Tab key on your keyboard to save the selected visits.
  5. Enter payment amount.
  6. Enter payment amounts to selected visits in the transaction grid.
  7. Click Post.

Associate an Unapplied Payment to a Specific Visit

You can now associate an unapplied payment to a specific visit or upcoming scheduled visit in the Patient tab.

  1. Select a patient.
  2. Enter a Payment Amount.
  3. Enter payment fields, as needed.
  4. Click Post.
  5. Select a provider from the Provider field drop-down to associate with the unapplied payment, or select a visit from the Visit field drop-down to associate with the unapplied payment.
  6. Click Confirm Unapplied.

Referral Worklist (PM)

We are happy to announce the following enhancements to the Referral Worklist module:

  • Click appointment date to open Scheduler.
  • Expand and collapse status headers for customized work view.
  • Filter section remains open when Reset is selected.
  • CBO filters stay selected.

Click Appointment Date to Open Scheduler

You can now click the Appointment date link on a work item to open Scheduler and view the selected appointment for the patient.

Expand/Collapse Status Headers for Customized Work View

To customize your work list view, you can now double-click status headers (e.g., Auth Required, Expired, etc.) to collapse and expand work items.

Filter Section Remains Open when Reset is Selected

Now, when you click the Reset button the filter section remains open.

CBO Filters Stay Selected

CBO master key filter settings stay selected when you select a sub-office key from the dropdown.

Tie a Financial Class to a Carrier (PM)

Track Expected Amount in AdvancedInsight

The Expected Amount data point is now available in AdvancedInsight for tracking and reporting the Expected Amount field for visits in the Charge Entry screen.

To add the Expected Amount data point to a report, go to Reports | AdvancedInsight | Metrics | Secondary.

Template Library (EHR)

Common eCQM Measures Combined into Age-specific Templates

For 2021, we have created new eCQM templates to simplify your workflow when documenting and reporting quality measures. These templates combine the most commonly used measures for each age group in one place, reducing time spent finding, downloading, and adding each applicable template. Included with each template is a Word® merge document and an overview of the eCQM measures.

These new templates are available in the eCQM – Changed folder in the Template Library.

Clinical Notes

  • Notes
    • Visit – >=18 Years with eCQMs for 2021
    • Visit – Peds with eCQMs for 2021
    • Visit – Geriatric with eCQMs for 2021
  • Patient Forms
    • Visit – >=18 Years Hx with eCQMs for 2021
    • Visit – Peds Hx with eCQMs for 2021
    • Visit – Geriatric Hx with eCQMs for 2021


  • eCQMs Adult Female – 2021
  • eCQMs Adult Male – 2021
  • eCQMs Adult Most Common – 2021
  • eCQMs Geriatrics – 2021
  • eCQMs Pediatrics – 2021


  • eCQMs, SN, Adult Female – 2021
  • eCQMs, SN, Adult Male – 2021
  • eCQMs, SN, Adult Most Common – 2021
  • eCQMs, SN, Geriatrics – 2021
  • eCQMs, SN, Pediatrics – 2021

Prescriptions (EHR/Mobile)

GHB/NADEAN Prescription Formatting Reminder

To meet clearinghouse requirements it is important to submit GBH and NADEAN drug information in prescriptions in the correct format.

GHB Drugs

The GHB reason must be entered with no space between the colon and following text, and no other punctuation or special characters except the colon.

For example – GHB:Patient has narcolepsy


The NADEAN number must be entered in all caps, with no spaces, and no other punctuation or special characters except the colon.

For example – NADEAN:XYZ123456

Video Training Library (PM/EHR)

The following videos have been updated:

  • Introduction to the Patient Chart
    Includes new Dashboard items: patient viewable icon, and priority filter drop down. As well as Patient Chart updates including: Sorting options in Patient Folder view, and display of signed status.
  • Quick Payment Entry
    Includes the new Payment Search screen.


“The money I have invested in AdvancedMD is miniscule compared to the return. I have never been more efficient – ever – in my professional life as I am now.”

Jed Shay, MD
The Pain Care Center

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Keith Berkowitz, MD
Center for Balanced Health

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“The best thing I ever did in private practice was getting AdvancedMD—it has liberated me.”

Estaban Lavato, MD
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Raju Raval, MD

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