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Mobile App Overview (Mobile)

We are excited to announce the following updates to our mobile and iPhone® app:

  • Updated the patient facesheet with additional fields to match EHR, added More links next to carriers and appointment information, and added badges to the patient facesheet icons.
  • Added information on the Patient Details screen to match EHR.
  • Added the ability to record, save, and play audio files in Documents and Images.
  • Added ability to send messages with chart items attached.
  • Increased patient search capabilities.
  • Updated the Review Bin to enable filtering by multiple chart items.
  • Updated the patient note Multi-select ICD Code control and layout.
  • Added a link to NEST in Settings.

Patient Facesheet
You can now view and edit the patient’s Consent to Share Data and Misc Note field in the mobile and iPhone app.

We have also added badges to the patient facesheet icons to indicate the number of the patient’s active problems and allergies, as well as current medications.

A More link now displays in the carrier section if the patient has more than two carriers. Tap More to view a list of all carriers.

We have also updated appointment cards. If the patient’s chart is opened from an appointment, the appointment card for that appointment displays. Otherwise, the system will display the patient’s last appointment or next appointment card, respectively.

Tap More to view a list of future and past appointments.

If none of the criteria are met, No Appointment Available displays in Chart Summary.

Patient Details
You can now view the patient’s Next of Kin information on the Patient Details screen. Additionally, Next of Kin information can now be updated on the Edit and AddPatient screens.
You can also view user-defined patient data in the User Defined section of the Patient Details screen.
User Defined information is set up in EHR Tools | User Preferences | Chart tab.

Documents and Images
You can now record, save, and play audio files in Documents and Images. Audio files recorded in the mobile and iPhone app are saved in M4A format. You can also play audio files saved in MP3 and WAV formats.

Send Messages with Chart Items Attached
In the mobile and iPhone app, you can now send messages with the following saved chart items attached:

  • Charge Slips
  • Lab Orders
  • Lab Results
  • Notes (iPad® only)
  • Prescriptions
  • Documents & Images

Patient Search
When searching for a patient, you can now:

  • Search by medical record number (MRN).
  • Filter out inactive and deceased patients from search results when you select to display only Active patients.

Review Bin
You can now filter the Review Bin to display multiple chart item types, and sort your results by Item Type in the mobile app.

Patient Note Templates
We have updated the multi-select ICD Code control to function the same as it does in EHR. You can now copy ICD codes into a text field, which is useful if you want the codes to display in a word merge.
We have also updated patient note layout and alignment.

You can now access NEST from the mobile app. Tap Settings | NEST.

“The nice thing about AdvancedMD is claims are cleared before they are forwarded to various insurance companies. We know very, very quickly if we have some defective portion on our claim.”

Dwight Romriell, DMD

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“If you want to be focused on your practice and not worry about infrastructure, this is it. It’s transparent, just like when I plug something into the wall I’m not worried about what the voltage is and what’s the availability; it’s just there—like AdvancedMD. It does it so well sometimes you don’t appreciate it until you really think about it.”

Judy Feingold
Occupational Therapist

“The best thing I ever did in private practice was getting AdvancedMD—it has liberated me.”

Estaban Lavato, MD
La Loma Medical Center

“We have seen approximately a three-fold improvement on a month-to-month basis of increased collections using AdvancedMD technology as compared to our previous technology provider. That has really been a step-change improvement with respect to the economics of the company.”

Michael Paul, CEO
Lineagen, Inc.