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Reports, Outbound CIE, and Video Training

Reports (PM)

Master Appointment with Insurance Report – Include Unapplied Transactions In Balance Filter

Based on client feedback, we have added an Include Unapplied Transactions Into Balance check box to the Master Appointment with Insurance report, to include ‘unapplied transactions’ to balance amounts.

When you select the Include Unapplied Transactions Into Balance check box, the filter applies to any balance you have selected to display: Patient, Insurance, and Total balances.

Additional Information

Balance information for the Master Appointments with Insurance report matches the amounts from the Patient Financial History screen.

  • When you select the Include Unapplied Transactions Into Balance check box, the report balances match the amounts displayed in the Filtered Totals buckets on the Patient Financial History screen. The Filter Total buckets include unapplied monies on the account.
  • When you clear the Include Unapplied Transactions Into Balance check box, the report balances match the balances displayed for the visit line-item on the Patient Financial History screen. The visit line-item balances do not include unapplied monies.

Outbound CIE (EHR)

2021 Outbound CIE Template Includes USCDI v1 Information 2021 Outbound CIE Template

We have added the new 2021 Outbound CIE template to the General folder in the EHR Template Library. Providers can use this template to document USCDI v1 (United States Core Data for Interoperability) fields that populate to the Referral/Transition of Care document in the Outbound CIE and Chart Summary section in the patient portal. All fields listed have the appropriate LOINC or SNOMED code and Optional Description that allows the data to populate in the Outbound CIE Referral/Transition of Care document and Chart Summary section in the patient portal. Go to the Template Library to download the 2021 Outbound CIE template.

CIE Information

To enable access, exchange, and use of the information represented in the USCDI v1, and to comply with Information Blocking regulations, we have added the following information to Outbound CIE documents:

  • Patient demographics
    • Previous Name
    • Previous Address
    • Email Address
    • Phone Number type
  • Allergy reactions
    • Allergy Reaction SNOMED codes
  • Clinical note provenance
    • Author’s time stamp (time information was recorded)
    • Author name
  • New sections added:
    • Consultation Note
    • History and Physical Note
    • Progress Note
    • Discharge Summary
  • Notes field added to Procedures and Results sections
  • Practice phone number type added to the Custodian section of the document header

As part of this enhancement, we have renamed the Allergies section to Allergies, Adverse Reactions and Alerts.

Video Training Library (PM)

The following videos have been updated to include the new Patient Information card redesign, and renamed Master Files to System Settings:

  • Chart Files
  • Debit Adjustments
  • Practice Management Overview
  • Voiding Transactions


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Jed Shay, MD
The Pain Care Center

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Center for Balanced Health

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