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Telemedicine & Immunizations

Telemedicine (PM/EHR)

Select Appointment to Start Call

To enhance the Telemedicine experience and accommodate patients with multiple scheduled telemedicine appointments, the Telemedicine icon on the Patient Information screen in PM and in the patient chart in EHR now opens the AdvancedTelemedicine screen, where you can choose which appointment you want to join and click Start Call.

Immunizations (EHR)

Immunization Setup – Configure NDC Codes in EHR

You can now configure National Drug Codes (NDC) for Procedure Charge Codes (CPT) in EHR on the Immunizations Setup screen. NDC information added to CPT codes on the Immunization Setup screen will also be updated in the Charge Codes Master File in PM.

Immunizations Tab – View NDC Codes

You can now view the NDC Code, Unit of Measure, and Unit Price for a vaccine on the Immunizations tab, so you can easily determine whether NDC code information has been configured for the immunization you are administering.

If NDC information has been entered, the new NDC Code, Unit of Measure, and Unit Price fields automatically populate on the Immunizations tab. These fields are read-only, but can be configured for a vaccine on the Immunization Setup screen. Go to Admin | System Setup | Immunizations.

Video Training Library (EHR/Mobile)

The following videos have been updated:

  • Managing Lab Orders
    Includes patient chart split view.
  • Patient Kiosk
    Includes new settings and payment setup.

“If you want to be focused on your practice and not worry about infrastructure, this is it. It’s transparent, just like when I plug something into the wall I’m not worried about what the voltage is and what’s the availability; it’s just there—like AdvancedMD. It does it so well sometimes you don’t appreciate it until you really think about it.”

Judy Feingold
Occupational Therapist

“Other companies made their offers, but they required so much more money up front, I’ve seen a lot of different systems in my 18 years in billing. If you are looking for an easy-to-learn, cost-effective solution, AdvancedMD is your answer.”

Gloria Johnson
Billing manager

“Having integrated practice management and EHR is absolutely wonderful, you don’t have to flip back and forth between systems—all of your information is at hand when needed.”

Raju Raval, MD

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“With AdvancedMD we got everything in one package, and the ability to ensure that we get maximum allowable Medicaid reimbursement.”

Charlotte Kientzy
Practice billing manager