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Medical billing & EHR software tips for tackling 1,900 new ICD-10 codes

Medical billing & EHR software makes staying on top of ICD-10 code updates a snap. Medical billing & EHR software tips for tackling 1,900 new ICD-10 codes Just when you thought your biggest ICD-10 challenges were behind you, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced … Continued


Improve clinical accuracy & outcomes with complete & seamless data transfer across all AdvancedMD products. Your ideal charting workflow in a paperless environment.

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Data-driven practices perform better. See how AdvancedInsight helps you gain business intelligence & maximize revenue.

Practice management software: The benefits of integration

The powerful benefits of integrated practice management Many medical practices today are juggling a host of several software platforms that can be an administrative headache when it comes to workflow, efficient use of your manpower, and the cost of maintaining separate clearinghouse contracts with various vendors. Today, top practice management vendors like AdvancedMD are combining … Continued

Get a Handle on Collections per Total RVU

Looking for a way to get a handle on Relative Value Units (RVUs) tied to Medicare payments or even use RVUs in your own practice? Here’s the formula Medicare uses to calculate payments for the services you provide: (Work RVUs x Work GPCI) + (Practice Expense RVUs x Practice Expense GPCI) + (Malpractice RVUs x Malpractice GPCI) = Total RVU Total … Continued

Patient Experience: 3 Must-have services

Attracting and keeping patients is critical for a thriving practice but recent patient satisfaction surveys show there’s a lot of frustration out there. Private practitioners who put patient satisfaction at the top of their list are going to see their practices grow, revenue increase, and happily maintain their independence. It’s important to understand what makes … Continued

3 Post ICD-10 Transition Solutions for Your Practice

I don’t know about you, but when I think of the year 2015, the first thing (or code set) that comes to mind is “ICD-10”. This new, more-specific coding system to document patient visits was finally implemented instead of being pushed to 2016. You’ll recall there was lots of concern with the implementation of this … Continued

Streamline Your Practice’s Credit Card Billing

AdvancedMD integrated payments is chip-and-PIN compliant. Learn how OpenEdge, a credit card processing solution, can help streamline your practice’s credit card billing processes and procedures, creating a faster time to revenue. A common concern among practices is getting paid quicker for appointments. What if your practice had a credit card processing tool to reduce the number of … Continued

3 Tips for Stopping Revenue Leaks that are Draining Your Practice Profitability

Inefficient front office processes, claim denials, and bad debt are probably the three biggest areas where you’re leaking practice revenue. It’s time to shore up your finances with three practice management tips for stopping the revenue leaks that are draining your practice profitability. 1. Shore up your check-in process Patient check-in is a critical point … Continued

Practice Management Staffing & Workflow Tips

2 Practice management tips to improve your workflow If you want to stay independent, your private practice needs to run like a well-oiled machine. You’ve got to do two things really well: 1) deliver quality patient care, and 2) make smart business decisions. Staffing and task management directly affect how well you do those things. … Continued

3 Tips to Stop Revenue Leaks in Your Private Practice

Today’s private practices have had to adjust to mounting challenges like ICD-10, Meaningful Use, and ACA. With so many changes disrupting practice management processes, it may seem as though your private practice is leaking revenue—and it probably is. Operational inefficiencies and redundancies are costing your office time and money.

“The AdvancedMD system is an extremely big reason I’ve been able to pull off what I have over the past number of years.”

William W. Forgey, MD

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“Having integrated practice management and EHR is absolutely wonderful, you don’t have to flip back and forth between systems—all of your information is at hand when needed.”

Raju Raval, MD

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“[Our] patients are very well-educated and well-informed, and they want to see results quickly. The practice has to run extremely efficiently and be accessible to them. The nice thing about [AdvancedMD] is it has allowed me to be more efficient both in and out of the office. Now I don’t have to come back into the office, which is great for my family and everything else. It saves me a lot of time – probably an hour a day on the three days I work in the second office.”

Keith Berkowitz, MD
Center for Balanced Health

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“Everybody still does basically the same thing; they just do it in a different and better way that’s more efficient.”

Steve Wampler, MD
Greenhill Family Clinic

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