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Digitize admin tasks to reduce staff burdens

Craig Cooper, product manager at AdvancedMD, was recently interviewed about how to digitize your practice to boost staff efficiency and decrease wait times. Physicians enter the medical profession because they want to take care of patients, not focus on administrative tasks. Yet these tasks continue to dominate their time and attention, leading to frustration and … Continued

Learn how AdvancedMD approaches telehealth in this interview with Tim Costantino

As part of the ongoing series of telehealth interviews with EHR vendors, John Lynn at Healthcare IT Today interviewed Tim Costantino, VP, Head of Product at AdvancedMD. In this series, Healthcare IT News talks with EHR vendors to better understand how they’re approaching telehealth. Are they developing telehealth in-house or are they relying on partners? … Continued

Specialized Practice Tools to Boost Your OB/GYN Business Results

Our objective in this new eBook is to help bring clarity to the challenge of selecting and executing a medical office automation strategy that addresses all the complexities of OB/GYN practice and allows you to simply and effectively deliver great outcomes for your patients, providers and owners. Download this guide for free to see how … Continued

Behavioral Health Practice Automation: 4 Essentials for Success

Our objective in this eBook is to help bring clarity to the challenge of selecting and executing a mental health office automation strategy that addresses all the complexities of a behavioral health practice and allows you to simply and effectively deliver great outcomes for your clients, therapists and practice owners. Drawing on decades of experience … Continued

OB/GYN Practice Automation: 4 Essential Elements for Success

For a busy OB/GYN private practice, the challenge of growing and improving your operations isn’t a lack of options, but managing the fragmented complexity of ideas, solutions and technologies that are constantly thrown at you – particularly regarding medical office automation. And the world doesn’t stand still. Important developments like telemedicine and rural medical care … Continued

A Remarkably Smooth EPCS User Experience with DrFirst

It was just a few years ago that electronic prescribing of narcotics (EPCS) became legalized nationally. Many states are now considering mandating the use of EPCS for prescription management of controlled substances. Several states have initiated new regulations requiring EPCS along with National Registry Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP) access requirements. You can research your … Continued

Effective COVID-19 Return-to-Work Procedures to Keep Your Staff Safe

  There has been a lot of focus in recent months around how medical practices can safely open back up to welcome patients. While this is a very important part of any practice in terms of continuing to provide exceptional patient care and meet the needs of patients in your community, there is another side … Continued

Software helps Pennsylvania Dermatology Partners with patient engagement

New patient scheduling and reputation management software implemented at the start of 2018 is bringing rapid rewards to Pennsylvania Dermatology Partners, an 11-site group practice in Amity Township serving about 7,300 patients a month. At the start of 2018, the practice had about 80 daily appointments through the online scheduling, which soon passed 120 and … Continued

Keep continuity of care & revenue flowing with telehealth

Once viewed as a potential home health technology “for the future,” telehealth is now blazing into mainstream healthcare with surprising speed, high adoption and tremendous satisfaction from both patients and doctors. We’ve heard from hundreds of physicians who are discovering the powerful leverage telehealth gives them in attracting and retaining new patients and maintaining business … Continued

How E-Prescribing Benefits Your Practice and Your Patients

Stop and think for a minute about the things that are taking up a significant amount of your clinical and front office staff’s time. Chances are, one of those things is phone calls related to medication refills. Medical practices have long operated with an extremely inefficient medication refill process where: Patients or pharmacy employees have … Continued

“Other companies made their offers, but they required so much more money up front, I’ve seen a lot of different systems in my 18 years in billing. If you are looking for an easy-to-learn, cost-effective solution, AdvancedMD is your answer.”

Gloria Johnson
Billing manager

“With the new scheduler and EHR, we get a lot of the information up front, so when the patient comes in, unless they have something changed insurance-wise they’re already verified and ready to be taken back right away, it also makes it much easier for billing.”

Nancy Sutter
Office manager

“With AdvancedMD we got everything in one package, and the ability to ensure that we get maximum allowable Medicaid reimbursement.”

Charlotte Kientzy
Practice billing manager

“If you want to be focused on your practice and not worry about infrastructure, this is it. It’s transparent, just like when I plug something into the wall I’m not worried about what the voltage is and what’s the availability; it’s just there—like AdvancedMD. It does it so well sometimes you don’t appreciate it until you really think about it.”

Judy Feingold
Occupational Therapist