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EHR system upgrades to improve your practice



EHR system upgrades are critical to improving the way your medical practice operates. With constructive feedback from the American Medical Association (AMA), EHR technology is improving and addressing the need for greater usability. Smoother workflows, coordination of care, and taking full advantage of mobile and digital platforms are helping EHRs bring quality patient care back to the forefront and helping independent practices function more efficiently than ever.

EHR software system upgrades
In 2014, the AMA Advisory Committee on EHR Physician Usability published their wishlist for EHR functionality.

The AMA’s EHR usability list 2014

  1. Enhance physicians’ ability to provide high-quality patient care
  2. Support team-based care
  3. Promote care coordination
  4. Offer product modularity & configurability
  5. Reduce cognitive workload
  6. Promote data liquidity
  7. Facilitate digital & mobile patient engagement
  8. Expedite user input into product design & post-implementation feedback

In response, top performing EHR vendors like AdvancedMD have increased functionality and addressed head-on the issues that have become sticking points for many medical practices.

EHR usability that enhances patient care
Usability is critical. That’s why the AMA’s number one priority was for an EHR to “enhance physicians’ ability to provide high-quality patient care.” AdvancedEHR has usability that enhances patient care, automates, and streamlines administrative tasks so you spend more time with patients, not entering data into your EHR.

A single EHR system that supports and coordinates team-based care
Our EHR software is tightly integrated to provide a seamless team experience. AdvancedEHR offers one solution, one database, and one login to ensure the clinical and business functions of the practice work in unison. When you update a record, all information is automatically available to your staff anywhere they are. Multiple people can work in the same patient record at the same time. A single database eliminates dual data entry and costly rework. It also helps you manage patient demographics, scheduling, charting, billing, and denial follow-up. With a single click, you gain access to it all. This enables consistent, real-time clinical workflow among providers, clinicians, billers, and office managers.

Custom features to match your unique practice needs
The robust AdvancedEHR system has the functionality and customizable features that help streamline your workflow, not complicate it. An EHR shouldn’t be one size fits all. That’s why we continually upgrade your EHR to fit the unique needs of your practice.

Cloud-based systems for greater data security and access
AdvancedEHR is a cloud-based EMR system. Every backup is verified to restore correctly and additional secure copies are stored every night. EHR systems with automated processes and security procedures also ensure that you’re complying with stringent HIPAA regulatory and security requirements.

Mobile technology that allows you to practice on the go
Everything you do with AdvancedMobileDoc happens within our AdvancedMD cloud suite with amazing speed and security. It lets you access complete practice data from the convenience of your iPad and iPhone. You can complete several EHR tasks on your iOS device with ease:

  • Schedules & histories
  • Charge capture
  • Fast charting & prescribing
  • Messages to staff & patients
  • Medication histories are always up to date & accessible with minimal taps

AdvancedMobileDoc simplifies how you review, add, edit, and print patient charts, medications, problems, allergies, immunizations, scanned documents, lab orders, and results.

Attending to daily tasks, such as while on-call, has never been more convenient or complete.

Learn more about EHR technology and innovations that will help you find a better EHR next time around. Read the guide, “EHR improvements after the AMA “Hateful 8” list.”




EHR Improvements after the AMA “Hateful 8” List

Two years ago, the American Medical Association (AMA) created a committee to provide recommendations on how to improve the usability of electronic health records (EHR). Their list outlined eight areas where improvements were needed to stop the disruption that resulted from the Meaningful Use EHR requirement.

It’s time to revisit how EHR systems are doing and to see how they’re doing on improving the areas mentioned on the AMA list. The good news is that new EHR technology and its increased functionality have helped the industry tackle several issues that had become sticking points for many medical practices. Smoother workflows, coordination of care, and taking full advantage of mobile and digital platforms are helping EHRs bring quality patient care back to the forefront and helping independent practices function more efficiently than ever. Read the guide, “EHR improvements after the AMA ‘Hateful 8’ list.”

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